Sunday, June 05, 2011

Long awaited project finally coming to fruition

I began organizing my studio on Friday evening and kept coming across stash items that I put aside for a special project which never seems to get started...until last night! I decided to stop everything and begin my long awaited Bohemian Gatherings bag. When friends send me things I have a special place so I can select things from that place for projects I make for myself, which doesn't happen too often unfortunately. This will change :-)

I piled my selected stash (purple) onto my cutting table and started doodling on a piece of paper. I'm not one to plan, perhaps because I can't draw and I could never keep journals filled with ideas like most everyone else. I'm not a jealous person and I don't envy people because I am a fairly contented soul however, I do strongly desire the ability to draw and those who can sometimes frustrate me and I would love just a bit of their talent. The doodling didn't last long. Instead I pulled out my muslin and set to work cutting a large square then rounding the bottom edges like a huge smile!
I decided I did not want to CQ this bag and I wanted to use a beautiful burnout velvet piece Suzy Quaife sent me from AU, and I had a coveted piece of insanely expensive gold print on purple velvet I kept in a safe (only kidding,) and a few heavy purple fabrics. My thoughts turned to the marvelous Magnolia Pearl bags, oh if I were a rich woman!!!!! I have wanted one of her bags for many years, or one like it sooooooooo. My hands work and I know what I like so there you have it. My muse set to work creating my Boho Gatherings bag. It isn't close to a MP bag however, it is Uniquely Mine.
I have much more to do but this is the basics.....

I layered a vintage dyed crochet trim under my dyed spiral trim from Tish..................... A vintage embroidered doily and trim from Gypsy Feather...................purple tatted and beaded trim from Wendy Shu of Singapore, the velvet from Suzy Quaife of AU, and I'm still gathering...
I have so many wonderful friends who have slipped me special things through the years so it is fun to create a bag which will carry thoughts of them with me. I will share it all when finished, now back to play! I'm anxious about the trip so I must keep busy!!!!
Enjoy your day!


  1. Very cool! Mine would be blue, but I think it's something I could do. Ahhh... more inspiration!

  2. That's beautiful! I love all the trim used together like that.

  3. Luscious layers of purple! This will be rich and gorgeous!

  4. Oh Dear Pat - Your bag is truely incredible! What a very beautiful job you have made of it. I just love all of the embellishing, fringing, the dyed laces, the gorgeous embroidered doily etc. etc.
    and Oh how well you have co-ordinated all of your fabrics and colours. I think I can tell that you have really enjoyed the creating of this. Is this your own design or have you based it on a pattern?
    Just stunning! And thank you Pat for linking me - that was so sweet.
    I just love the article about you and Terri - just so special the pair of you! I too have met some gorgeous friends thanks to blogging.
    I nearly forgot to mention just how much I love the scrim. I have been scrimming everything and, by the way,
    did you notice that I also used some of your beautiful braid on my recent fabric journal which I sold?
    Happy hugs,


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