Monday, June 20, 2011

LA fabric district finds

I spent a relaxing couple of hours with Dawn today and we talked about our trip and agreed that we must do it again along with other adventures. It is pretty great to travel with a no fuss partner. We are only taking BOHO bags next time and ship stuff home. That is the only way to go.
So, I'm finally getting around to sharing the stash finds. I started this last night but Angell had lots of issues so better late than never.

First off I want to say yes, there are tons of laces, fabrics,trims, etc however you must watch for quality. I found quality lace at Trim 2000plus (820 Maple Ave) and Royal Trim (820-9 Maple Ave)
I found some pretty trims but can't remember what I got from which shop but I do know "The Center For Trims,Beads, and accessories" had nice things.
These laces were an incredible bargain!
The bead places were all pretty nice but the one that gets five stars from me is Bohemian Crystal/Bead Factory.
The rows of shops on several streets filled with beautiful things left me overwhelmed. Going as a crazy quilter, I knew before I went that the experience was worth the trip alone, finding stash was a bonus. Spending time with Dawn,Nicole, Katy and meeting a wonderful new friend in Susie was priceless.
Susie was so sweet and concerned that the suggested place to find purse clasps no longer carried the ones with sewing holes so she gave me this beautiful one.
I dug through a pile of linens at the flea market and found a few treasures as you can see. I now know where to go and what I will be wanting when I return so the next trip will have more pics to share.
I started on Dawn's Boho bag today after she left. She has so much energy that some rubbed off on me. I think being around such a positive person is very beneficial and I really needed that visit. I feel like I am caught up, refreshed and ready to move forward regardless of the energy zapping humidity we are experiencing again. Hope your week is a great one.
Thanks for the visit today Dawn:-)


  1. Anonymous4:53 PM CDT

    i want them all! so beautiful

  2. OMG!
    I gotta win the lottery, I'm heading over there, at least in my dreams!
    Guess though, I'd better do something with what I've already got, don't you think? :-)


    Sandie xx

  3. Wow and Wow! Great finds Pat. I am so glad you had a nice trip. A dear friend of mine was head of the concierge for the Beverly Wilshire for years. He would have loved that photo of you jumping on the bed. I loved it too.

  4. Anonymous6:19 PM CDT

    Thanks for sharing and letting us "attend" thru your eyes--Mary Bonnell

  5. You brought home some real treasures! Wowser! I'm like Sandie, trying to use what I have. It is so hard to resist so many beautiful new things though. I'll pretend like I bought them and they are in a drawer ~ lol.


  6. Anonymous2:48 AM CDT

    Oh such beautiful stuff. I like the idea of shipping stuff home rather than carrying. Sounds like a fabulous trip. Leslie K.

  7. Oh Pat WOW and WOW and WOW! You are going to have so much fun playing with these trims, beads and laces! Just one problem I'm wondering whether you know what to use first.
    Hugs, Suzy

  8. Gosh, Pat, you really found some great treasures. I look forward to seeing how you transform them. I especially love those seaglass colored beaded trims.
    Nice to hear you had a good time. I'm heading to LA in October, but am not sure if I'll manage a trip to the fabric district.

  9. Anonymous2:18 AM CDT

    I sure hope your Angel baby is ok. Beautiful stuff from your trip.
    Suzie in Idaho

  10. Oh I need a towel!! I am drooling over it all!! I would so love to go on a trip like that- perhaps some day- for now I am so grateful that you are sharing your trip with us!!!


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