Thursday, June 16, 2011

In the PINK

I managed to snap a picture of yesterdays beautiful pink sunrise. Lucky for me my camera was still sitting on the Hoosier in the kitchen. I love how pink skies gives the world a rosy wash! I was thrilled to see the daisy bouquet from my pal Terri still going strong so I can continue to enjoy it.The rest of the day was spent laying on the couch as my back wasn't cooperating at all. This morning I feel like I can maneuver a little bit better however I'm not over doing it. I haven't even been able to visit mom since my return from Cali. I had planned on unpacking my new stash and taking pics for those who share my passion. That may have to wait until tomorrow???
I can share some of Dawn's gathered stash. We had spread our finds on the hotel beds and snapped a few pics. It is fun to watch someone share your excitement over fabric and beads. Dawn is having a great time and with crazy quilting being portable, and her being a flight attendant, she gets to enjoy it wherever she goes. I can also share the project I took with me to stitch on the plane. As you can see I didn't get much done which is a sure sign of a great time to sew! We found little metal dragonfly wings at one bead shop and I demonstrated a sample for Dawn. I didn't take bugle beads with me so this little dragonfly on the left will get a redo :-)

I took a pic of the supplies for the Boho bags. The gals chose a beautiful faded Teal and buff for their bags. The background fabric is the backing and I found vintage dresser scarves at the flea market for the flap. I will get better pics of their trims when I can but this gives you an idea. They chose gorgeous colors and I cannot wait to get started. These will be quite enjoyable to make.
Although meandering about a fabric district in Los Angeles and seeing gorgeous fabrics, beads and trims is a crazy quilters dream come true, to me the best part was listening to Dawn as she gathered new cq stash and seeing Nicole so inspired to tackle some decorating projects for her beautiful home. To inspire is the icing on the cake don't you think? That is what I enjoy most.
Have a great day!Link


  1. Poor you, hope you're back is good soon.
    Thanks for sharing the stash photos, I like the girls' choice of background fabric, in fact everything!


    Sandie xx

  2. Anonymous3:01 PM CDT

    Beautiful morning "pink" pictures. I love those kind of mornings. Sorry your back so still bad,hope things get better soon. Leslie K.

  3. Dear Pat,
    Love reading your blog, the photo's are wonderful eye candy.

    I to suffer with a bad back, locally we have a wonderful Dr. who uses "cold lazer" therapy which works wonders. On the days when I can barely walk, I walk out of his office pretty much painfree and able to walk.
    Hoping you feel better soon.
    PS I love your "crazy quilt designs".
    Hugs Jody


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