Monday, June 06, 2011

Bohemian Gathering Bag complete

I played around with embellishing the Boho bag last night and for now it is ready to use. I can always add things later. I played in Photoshop and printed off my favorite saying.......and a few words on butterfly images to personalize it further. "Fly" represents continuing to go forward in any situation. Building confidence, which I'm not in abundance of :-)
"Follow your Bliss" means just that, do what you love and love the life you have created. Enjoy!
I'm hoping the edges of these will fray as I use the bag. I prefer the worn look.
On the back of the bag I attached a hand dyed crocheted table runner I found at a tag sale. I folded it over like a pocket and it fits a magazine perfectly.
I embroidered over the black thread on the flap which was an embroidered doily purchased from Gypsy Feather on etsy....Love her things but she is on vacation until July :-(
I love the Mokuba flower trim and when I am fortunate to find a piece it goes on projects for others however this beautiful one was from Carole of Flights of Fancy Boutique and I claimed it for myself. It is my absolute favorite trim in the entire universe and it happened to arrive at my home just in time.
I love the little porcelain angel button but I couldn't leave it alone so I strung some purple petite beads and put a crystal on one of the ends and a purple gold wrapped stone from Amber Dawn on the other.
The appliques received a pearl in the centers. I will be making more of these bags. I took the pics outside hoping for truer color however it is much richer looking in person. I put it on my shoulder and it just hugged me perfectly. These are so comfortable to carry and have a nice weight to them. Plus the large flap worn near the front of the body protects your content from sticky fingers :-)It was a lot of fun to just go with it and grab whatever tickled my fancy. As a matter of fact I may carry this one instead of my big brown bag to CA and if the girls like it and find a doily or tapestry focal piece for the flap I will create one for them.
Suzy, I didn't use a pattern, I just cut out a muslin shape for the purse front and back then added a continuous 3" strip for bottom and sides. The flap is just the doily shape which has multiple fringe and lace layers under it.

Well that adventure is over with for now. I have errands today and tomorrow but hope to get everything in order and stocked for the guys while I'm gone. Only four more days until the trip!!! I can't wait to step foot in the first fabric shop, then a bead shop, then a trim shop, then.........................................


  1. I love the bag! Have a wonderful time on your trip!

  2. I love the bag Pat, the colour is beautiful.

    Angela, The English Romantic.

  3. Pat, the bag is beautiful. I wish that I was going fabric and bead shopping with you. Have a great trip and show us what you bought when you get home.

  4. Anonymous10:57 AM CDT

    Well! You've surpassed yorself this time! Here's me thinking you couldn't make anything I liked more than the last.... I Adore it!
    I like the bit about 'sticky fingers...they would have to have made it to find a way in LOL!

    Sandie xx (Sandie's Patch)

  5. Anonymous11:09 AM CDT

    The bag is just beautiful, have a fun and safe trip Pat---Mary Bonnell

  6. Love the bag. You are SO amazingly fast at these purses. I hope you have a wonderful trip and find all sorts of goodies. Don't over load your bag so you can bring back important "stuff". Have fun and relax. Leslie

  7. Oh Pat you have done yourself proud with this!. It is stunning! and one of the nicest Boho bags I have seen.
    That tasselled fringing gives it that something special and all the motifs, beading and stitching give it your very special touch. I would love to see a pic taken inside as I'm sure the colours would be really rich.
    I hope you realize if you take that bag away with you - you will have more orders than you would ever be able to fill in a lifetime!
    Well done my dear friend and have a truely wonderful time away - I shall be thinking of you in the shops (LOL).
    Happiness and hugs to you,

  8. Bagalicious describes this beauty! Love all the layers of laces and trims and of course your beautiful embroidery. Safe travels to Cali...

  9. I'm loving this Pat! the embellishments are so wonderful and the sayings also.Of course you used my favorite colors :)

  10. Anonymous10:18 AM CDT

    Oh Pat... Your bag turned out truly gorgeous! Love the colors and the still just amazes me at how quickly you get things done! So happy that you ~made it just for you~ this time. Your very own treaure to keep ;)
    Can't wait to hear about your trip... I know you will be in still might want to tuck a paper bag in your beautiful bag tho..just in case for breathing purposes? I kow what can happen on those ventures.
    Have a wonderful time.
    Blessings to you for a safe trip, Shannon

  11. Oh Pat, do you do anything that I don't love? This is gorgeous!!! I want one! I think it's time for me to design a new purse style instead of the 9 inch square CQ purses that I always do. I too love that worn look. And no one does purple like you do! Hugs, Pam

  12. Ohh dear Pat which beautiful bag, its colors, laces and embellishments are charming; I like the purple!
    You can be very proud of your work!

    Beautiful day

  13. Pat you know I love all that you do and the bag is no exception. Gorgeous! Now do you realize how close you will be to Seattle..... so close but yet so far. Someday we will meet for sure. Have a wonderful time and take pictures to share all your fun. Hugs, Sharon

  14. Pat this bag is gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful shopping trip.

  15. Hi Pat ...I may be on vacation, but what better way to spend late evenings while traveling Nova Scotia than catching up with one of my very favorite bloggers! I just had to tell you I absolutely adore your Bohemian Gathering Bag!! It's just gorgeous ... and I would not have expected less! I was thrilled to see you finally found a project for the grape embroidery piece. Confidence? Girl, you should have plenty of it ... so very multi-talented you are!!!! Have a fabulous trip and bring home lots of wonderful goodies to create with! xoxo, Liz

  16. You are one of the best. I always enjoy seeing your work.


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