Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another BOHO Gatherings bag

I'm almost jealous of my friend Dawn. I'm putting the finishing touches on her Bohemian Gatherings Bag today and I'm loving the colors and the bag and I want it!!!!! Actually I can't wait to give it to her. She has always sewn and crafted and absolutely loves handmade gifts. I decided to add my own bit of crazy quilting in the front flap because the vintage dresser scarves just didn't grab me so I thought why not make them more of what I enjoy most, CQ. Just a bit, not enough to call it a CQ bag, keeping it Bohemian, big,floppy,and fun. I have to add the beautiful tassel trim around the body of the bag and the printed sayings then the strap which is part of a salvaged velvet dress which also makes up the back of the bag. Dawn and Nicole got to choose their own trims while we strolled the streets of the LA fabric district recently. These bags will sport several layers because they chose three and I added two myself... The first trim is the vintage crochet piece I dyed... The second is a beautiful multi fiber trim they chose in pale teal, buff, and green... The third is a perfect blending beaded trim they also chose ... The fourth is a corkscrew trim from Tish that I dyed. The tassel trim will go on in a bit and be the finishing touch. The photo below is more truer color of actual trims. I love the richness of the various layers and textures. I can't wait to finish...more later.


  1. These are truly beautiful - and lovely to see your BoHo styles. The muted colours really suit the design - no wonder it is hard to part with them. But you have the pleasure of knowing that they will become treasured heirlooms for sure

  2. Wow! the beaded trim is fantastic!
    They are all gorgeous!
    You have such an eye for colour combinations.
    Thanks for showing them to us.

    Sandie xx

  3. Dear Pat, how very beautiful, you are surely doing such fantastic work.

  4. I don't think I could leave that trim shop!! How incredible!!! Such lusciousness!!!!
    I love the added bit of your signature CQ and the bag itself is a work of art!!! Dawn is one lucky lady!!!!
    Bravo Pat!!!! You never cease to amaze me!!!

  5. Oh my how gorgeous is this combination. You are truly rocking these boho bags. Happy Summer Weekend...

  6. Gorgeous bag Pat. And..that pic of the Trim Shop made my heart beat fast!!!Such luscious trims!!

  7. Pat, that is gorgeous!

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  9. Anonymous1:30 PM CDT

    OMG-I need 1 just like this!! I need to know how to make a purse-did you just learn by doing it? I mean how to constructing it?? I love it- you are amazing with all your ideas--Leslie K

  10. I can see why you want to KEEP it!
    Gorgeous, Pat!

    Hugs, Diane

  11. hi months down the trackand I found this link via a list- Pat this shows more of what I needed to make one of these bags- mind yours are such beautiful bags mine will be pale in comparison but thank you for showing the various layers this is so beautiful thanks Pat thank you very much
    love n hugs Bear xoxooxox


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