Saturday, May 14, 2011

Starting to stock etsy shop

I have been so slow in getting my etsy shop filled but I took some time this evening to begin adding things. Finished items are beginning to build and I don't like that so I put them in my etsy shop, even the one day used periwinkle neck purse,LOL. Too much hanging around cramps my style. If it is already made, it is out the door!
I forgot who wanted a pouch kit but I did add one and more will be added either tomorrow or Tuesday. I will also be adding my hand dyed silk ribbons as well.
I have gathered my supplies to sit down tomorrow and make the little prize for the winner that will be chosen in the morning by DH for guessing what the ugly thing was that I found on the beach. To answer some questions, no, I did not touch it...EEEEEEWWWWW!
Have a restful sleep and I'll announce the winner tomorrow!!! Good luck! You can guess more than once, but I'm taking the first correct answer in order :-)


  1. Thank~you Pat for dropping by my bloggy and for your kind words (((hugs))) ... Your work is ~beautiful~ btw X:-)

  2. As always Pat your work is stunning. I don't know what you found on the beach, but just the beach would be inspiring. You get alot done girl, keep up the good work.

  3. Beautiful creations! You've been a busy gal, what with your beautiful crazy quilting and palm stump hopping! ~ Angela


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