Monday, May 23, 2011

Ready for some cuteness?

I just had to share this with you. Remember the kittens we rescued last month? The third one we discovered stayed hidden for the most part and we've hardly seen it until last week. It started coming around the garden and back deck with the mother and over the weekend I found it sunning itself on the front porch, and again on the back porch with its arm hanging over the mother's shoulder. It was an unusual sight and I was too slow getting my camera.

Well I think both mother and baby have made this their home. DH came home from work this afternoon and found them relaxing in an old wooden flower box in the garden. He came to get me and I couldn't believe it.As you can see, the mother is on her back and the baby is laying on top snoozing. She has got to be miserable in that hard container. Perhaps some batting wrapped with an old towel should be slipped in there. My camera woke the baby but they stayed there while I took a few pics. I guess I will have to name them now.


  1. They are just precious in there!!! Great photos!! Now you can print silkies from your very own photos!!!!

  2. Too cute. Once you feed them they never go away.....I learned the hard way!!

  3. Nothing brightens my day like cuteness. These cats are adorable!

  4. Pat, you're such a softie! Just like me. (Actually, I think the word "sucker" is tattooed on my forehead!)

    They are just too cute! And it looks like they found a good and safe home. If by any chance you decide to get them spayed/neutered, just let me know and I will gladly help you with funds for that. I have such a weakness for animals, esp. kitties! I do love those little teacup puppies too!

    Ok, I desperately need some stitching time!

    Hugs, Pam

  5. Oh thanks sweet Pam. I appreciate the offer but we have a cat clinic here by the beach which spays and neuters for a small fee however, we cannot catch them :-)
    We need to find a way soon, I found two Tomcats on the back deck this morning!!!Oh NO!!!

  6. Awww, those photos just pull at your heartstrings, they are so beautiful.
    You are a very sweet person to care for these kitties.


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