Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rainy day...starting new projects

The grass is cut, the flowers are transplanted, and it is rainy out so I am taking the weekend off to create and "chill" out.
After my exciting news yesterday I'm surprised I could sleep last night but I managed to get a restful sleep and I'm ready to settle in the studio, gather fabrics and enjoy! It feels like just a dream, to spend such an adventure with two of my favorite people who are as excited about it as I am. Nicole and Dawn.....I'm packing already! CA or bust!
I had better make breakfast before I start looking at fabric. You know how "lost" you can get once your muse takes over. Have wonderful weekend and if you are trying to guess what the ugly thing that I found on the beach is, a few are very close....... :-) (sorry to tease)

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  1. I received your magazine yesterday and it is wonderful to look at. Your art is so inspiring.


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