Thursday, May 26, 2011

New project

Mom had a dentist appointment this morning so I pieced a project early this morning for the wait in the sitting room. I didn't get a lot accomplished because the waiting room had several women waiting and they were curious so my time was spent explaining and sharing what I was working on. One elderly man gravitated toward us and as the ladies were called for their appointments he was the last one standing and began telling me how his mother used to hand quilt. It was nice to hear a man speak of his mother's quilting. I did have time to attach my laces and begin silk ribbon embroidery so I'm sharing that with you today.I have my embellishments gathered already so now I can sit and stitch this evening after I find a home for the momma cat and kitten. Any takers out there?


  1. Well here is another reason for me to wish we lived closer! I have been thinking that a cat would be a good addition to this little crazy home of mine! I'm not sure my dog would agree..but, Buddy is pretty easy going, so he might just take it in stride!

  2. félicitations ce blog est magnifique !!!!
    amitiés de Régina

  3. Your new project already looks really beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest :)


  4. This piece is so lovely as is the watch sewing purse on earlier post. Your work has such a soft, subtle appeal.

  5. Beautiful Pat! You really have a gift for the antique color palette!

    I've had men stop me and ask about my purses. They tell me about their mom's and grandma's and how they used to stitch, quilt, sew or embroider. Nice memories for them!


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