Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lots to share.........Second issue summation

"Ruff"....hey you....the one sitting in front of the mom has been busy the last few days and has so much to share so while she is making a cup of tea, I will fill you in on the newest issue of Crazy Quilt Gathering mag...... whoops, here she comes......

Good morning bloggers and creative souls, hmmm, where did these paw prints come from? Anyway, first off I wanted to give a big hug and thank you to the contributors of the second issue of Crazy Quilt Gatherings.

Terri Takacs
shared a beautiful CQ Bell Pull (in purple no less) and her CQ scarf she made her little fur baby Teddy for Summer. Both projects sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Diane Matheson
shows you how to make a Bullion stitch Pansy with step by step directions and gives you ideas for additional flowers which would really bring texture and beauty to your CQ project.

Pam Kellogg designed stitches exclusively for Crazy Quilt Gathering reader's. How cool is that? Look for a coupon for her shop!!!!!

Judy McCarthy shares some of her adorable and lively dolls and makes an intro....her CQ work will grace the September issue :-)

Dorthe Hensen lives near the sea and gathers driftwood, adds lace and bits to create her unique dolls with a vintage keepsake feel to them.

BJ Sandusky shares her sources for stash gathering in most unusual places.

Cathy Kizerian teams up with Gerry Krueger to share information on Round Robins. Much needed info for beginners to get started on the right track and keep the RR smoothly running with happy results for all.

Pam Jones shares a whole page of her beautiful thread & Lace special way. I have a jar filled with lace on her winders and love seeing them when I step into the studio.

Liz Bugh offers a tutorial on vintage lace collage yo yo's which are beautiful as an embellishment on your CQ projects. She has a unique twist on yo yo's and I urge you to check it out. I love shopping in her etsy shop. An eclectic group of offerings for home, collecting and crazy quilting!!!

Carolyn Phillips shares her talent for painting on fabric to make her own silkies and shares her process. I have a few of her "silkies" and trust me, they are beautiful.
Shannon Bolanowski is the artist behind,"," which I know all crazy quilters have drooled while viewing her etsy shop. If you haven't, I don't believe you :-)

Marie Alton shares with us, her magical "Twilight in The Fairy Glen" wall hanging which is a winner in my book. I wish I had enough room to offer it full page size so you could see the special details.

Nicki Lee Seavey
shares her passion for dyeing lace and crazy quilting addiction. If you need one thing to inspire a CQ project, you must check out her hand painted laces. She is one busy gal.

Carol Steemson
, or "Carol Daisy" as bloggers know her as, gives us a step by step tutorial on making a silk ribbon embroidery columbine. Mine are getting ready to bloom and hers are truly realistic looking. Just beautiful!

I share my adventure to Tisha's Needle Art Studio in Metamora Michigan and give you a little peek inside her jam packed crazy quilt/embroidery shop. I focus on beginners and share steps to embellish which takes a lot of frustration out of knowing what to do first or next and I share two CQ projects to keep you on "time" while stitching.

There are many more things to see and read which I will leave for you to discover including some contests with prizes :-) (look for Maureen's little pooch," Gracie," hiding here and there) and enjoy the first in a series of embroidery design freebies from Kathy Shaw, who continuously keeps me inspired. I've received so many letters saying how much you have enjoyed shopping at the advertisers stores. I hope you enjoy the news ones like Robbie's stitching tool. I plan on offering many more in future issues and if you have a shop or event you want to share please email me.

If you can view the PDF version, I truly suggest you see each page in that format. It brings everything alive and in true color. I wish I had more pages at my disposal however I want to keep this publication affordable and I do hope you take advantage of the sale price.
Remember, I am always accepting your input. Ads, articles, tutorials, suggestions, letters (hopefully nice but I will accept all.) I'm sure I missed someone but sure didn't mean to.
Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy! I'll be back later in the day.


  1. I ordered my copy yesterday and thought that I was pretty excited about getting it! Now after reding this I am beyond excited!!! You are putting so much into each issue!!! Fabulous!! i also went shopping at your etsy shop and could not resist your fabulous flecked ribbons!!! that is my absolute fav ribbon and once I have stitched with it and seen the effects I simply cannot use anything else!!!!! Tell Angel I loved her intro! Way to delegate Pat!!!

  2. I again ordered both the digital and print copies. I love it! The pictures are stunning and I can't wait to get started on a project. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Downloaded my copy yesterday and plan to spend some time reviewing it today - looks great!

  4. Can hardly wait! Thanks SO much, Pat!
    Hugs, Sherrill

  5. Pat...ordered the PDF copy yesterday and love it you've done a great job looking forward to future one's

  6. Off to order mine. Just perfect information and eye candy for us newbies and for those with experience. Thank you for making this've put a lot of work into it! And give Angell a special pat on the head for her assistance and just cuz she's cute!!~ Angela

  7. I ordered my hard copy as soon as I found out it was available! Now, I have to wait 2 weeks until it arrives. That's just too long.

  8. First, thank you so much Pat for putting this magazine together. You are doing a wonderful job and it is very much appreciated and needed! I ordered my printed copy yesterday and can't wait to receive it. My last copy arrived in 5 days so I'm hoping MagCloud is that fast with this one also.
    Happy Sewing, xo, Karen

  9. Hi dear Pat,
    I can`t wait to se the new number 2 mag.-and think I will order the hardcover one- must be that one, when I`m inside myself :)
    Thankyou so much for asking me-and for being so sweet and kind.
    Big hugs,Dorthe

  10. Congrats on your second fabulous issue! Congrats to all the featured artists too!!

  11. Oh Pat, I'm so far behind on my blog reading! So happy to see this new issue is now available. I'll post on my blog tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm off to place my order!

    Hugs, Pam


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