Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jane's Pouch

I finished Jane's beach theme pouch. I used the image from the first post. I wish I had a tiny crab charm to attach to the Flappers "hiney" like the one in the pic :-) Hope you like it Jane and thanks again for playing. Now its time to straighten up the studio and find something else to get in to.


  1. Oh, those tiny pearly shells are pretty. I didn't read your post properly and enlarged the photo looking for that crab on the hiney!!LOL!! Congrats Jane.

  2. So attractive creations on your pages a real delight!
    Happy quilting Pat

    Beautiful day

  3. Anonymous4:56 PM CDT

    Thank you so much, Pat. It is lovely. Love the photo and the colors. You make such beautiful creations. I will treasure it. Thanks again, Jane


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