Thursday, May 05, 2011

Forget-Me-Not....I got the a good way!

Last Sunday I visited the beach, alone once again, and found a periwinkle mermaid tear. It was so smooth and so calming that it will most likely be silver wire wrapped for a pendant or scissor fob. When I returned home I walked around the garden and more "blues" were found in the form of flowers. First I spotted my Forget-Me-Nots, which never fail to brighten my day. Around the corner I saw the Georgia Bluebells in bloom. I had forgotten how much I love blues. As a teenager it was my favorite color. My dear friend Tish sent me another surprise package and among the beautiful fabrics were some blues. I really couldn't believe that I had recently dyed almost every color of fabric she had included. This is why I love to dye my own silk ribbons....
They always match the fabrics I love which make it so convenient to gather my stash for projects fairly quickly so the stitching can begin, like this purse I started last evening. The beautiful painted cat button was from Gerry Krueger and it will be going on an eyeglass case for mom as a Mother's Day gift Sunday. I will slip a coupon inside for flowers to fill her deck and keep her cheered all summer. I will be using the same fabrics because they go so well with the cat's eyes. Mom lost her Himalayan earlier this year and Gerry thought it would be a nice surprise to have "Antoinette" grace a project from me. Thanks again Gerry, mom will love it.
After taking mom to her appointment yesterday she felt nauseated on the way home and she felt worse later when I phoned to check on her. I woke up feeling the same so I plopped my behind on the couch with Angell and embellished my heart out this morning ending up with this...
I will assemble it this evening or tomorrow. I made it to see approximately how long it would take working at a casual pace. Did you notice it was blue? (I told you I had the Blues.)Yes, blue..I got it out of my system,LOL. The purse I finished last week is also completed. I did add a bulky matching chain. I decided not to keep it because it would just hang around and collect dust. It will be added to my etsy shop early next week when I plan to spend a day adding things.
Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. If not, perhaps another purse is on the way.
Have a great day and hopefully you can get in some creative time.


  1. Soooooooooo lovely! It's really a GOOD THING for you when you get the blues!

  2. Hi dear Pat, what a beautiful, post-
    I love your blue´s - and the Gorgia bluebells looks so lovely,-as all the other flowers,do,too-
    But your purces, Pat, are both gorguesly wonderful,how fantastic, embroidered they are - and in the most beautiful colors- Masterly done.

  3. I love forget-me-nots, and blue is my favorite color! Lovely post!

  4. Hi Pat,
    How gorgeous these pieces are!
    Happy creating,

  5. Anonymous7:42 PM CDT

    Hope you feel better quickly and the purses and blues are just wonderful--your work is lovely and you are such a nice lady--take care--Mary

  6. Hello Ms Pat ... OMG ... when I clicked on the one picture of you purse ... the first thing that caught my eye was that fan lace on the upper left! It was the very same lace that I used to trim my flower girls' dresses! I still have some of it kicking around from all those years ago too ... was contemplating adding to my current Sendai block but it didn't fit.

    Blue is my fave colour ... Forget-me-nots one of my fave spring flowers ... they fill my wee backyard every spring ... but have not bloomed here just yet. Soon though!

    Lovely post!

    Hugs ... Marie

  7. I've been watching for the button and HOW PERFECT for mother's day... Give your mom a hug from me and tell her I know she misses her kitty.
    Gerry Krueger...

  8. I love blue, it is my favorite color. All your blue treasures are so pretty!!! Thanks for sharing. Lovely eyeglass case. Your work is so delightful!

    Ann Flowers

  9. Actually, blue is NOT my favorite color but you certainly have a way with it! I actually love the way you incorporated the flowers into this piece. Just beautiful. Maybe I'll have to rethink blue.

  10. I love all of your work, not seen anything yet I don't like!
    Love the Georgia bluebells, what is their botancial name pleas? They look like something we have this side of the 'pond', called 'Lungwort'.

    Have a great weekend.

    Sandie xx

  11. Just wanted to let you know I have been following for a while and though I don't really comment I love your blog. Your blues are lovely and I always enjoy (vicariously) your trips to the beach. Thanks

  12. Lovely blues! The cat button is just the perfect touch. You should get the blues more often!

  13. Love your artwork. My forget-me-knots are blooming also.

  14. Perhaps if I look at my forget-me-knotts long enough I might be able to get the blues to work as well for me too. The blue bag is stunning Pat and so is the other one - more the colours I love. Enjoy your time with your mum on Mother's Day!
    Hugs, Suzy


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