Friday, May 13, 2011

Excitement is building for a crazy quilter's dream trip

I just confirmed plans with my dear sis in law, Nicole, and my sweet friend, Dawn, (below is a picture of us excited) to hang out in the LA Fabric District and attend the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea market in June. I know, can you imagine me in a crowd many times larger than that? I will need to carry an oxygen tank with me. I have a month to condition myself to the excitement ahead. A big thanks to Nicki Lee for sharing some "must see" shops where she found stash. I can't wait to spend a girls outing with Nic and sides are going to hurt from laughing!
All I can say is....pinch me.


  1. Oh the fun you will have!

  2. What a blast you will ahve !! Might just as well put a paper bag in your purse, just to be sure you are ready for any events of hyperventilation!!! Be Prepared!!!!!

  3. I'm so excited for you - be prepared to go crazy trying to figure out what to buy in the Fabric District. My son lives not too far from the Rose Bowl so I'll be walking in your shoes in July - hitting the Flea market and Fabric District once again. Enjoy every minute and be sure to bring an empty suitcase!

  4. Breath deep and carry a huge shopping bag!

  5. Oh Pat what an amazing opportunity. I'll be thinking of you fabric and flea market shopping. These are among the most favourite things we girls really love to do.
    I have just posted another article with a link back to you about Crazy Quilt Gatherings!
    Hugs to you Pat.
    P.S.I'm still admiring my beautiful swap!!!

  6. Oh, I'm so envious! All that fabric, lace, and trims to fondle! Yep, better bring some extra oxygen!

  7. How fun! Looking forward to seeing posts about your adventure! ~ Angela

  8. WOW, you lucky woman -that will only be in my dreams--
    I`m sure you will have so much fun- and bring home wonderful fabric`s

  9. I've just come back from a few days away, and I did get a few things(Crazy Quilt-wise), BUT og BOY!!Your June trip is going to be FABULOUS!!!I'll be with you "in spirit"..have a Lovely time!


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