Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beach, Estate sale, and garden

Yesterday I wore myself out dyeing (standing for 6 hours straight on a hard floor) and mowing but still I was determined to go to the beach, backache and all. Honestly, I could hardly manage to get dressed my lower back hurt so much and forget putting lotion on my legs...just not worth it. I wasn't sure how I would manage bending over to retrieve mermaid tears but once I was standing on the shore, I felt fine. There were quite a few to be found including one little blue piece. It was a nice relaxing walk. Hopefully the next one will be with mom.
A few streets from the beach I spotted an Estate sale. The three story beach house was so roomy but too modern for me. I would have loved to be exploring a beach cottage instead. So the first thing I saw was a shelf/mantle that I swear I have seen before in my dreams. The round knob decorations and all. I can't believe it lasted three days before I swooped it up. I could see it painted with a bit of "shabbiness" but for now I will leave it until it finds the perfect space.Although it doesn't look it, it is old and heavy and a needful thing. I also found a few yards of reproduction bark cloth to cover the front porch swing since I can't find a floral fabric to suit me. The old glass flower frog and cast iron frame had to come home with me too. I use the frogs for embroidery scissors and marking pens in the studio.
I took a quick trip around the garden to see new blooms. With all the rain we've had I knew things would be popping. This pretty one greeted me right out the back door! The Columbine, which will now remind me of Diane's Silk ribbon embroidery she made for the last magazine issue, was just starting to bloom. The rest of the garden walk will be posted on my garden blog later today.
Yesterday I returned to dyeing. My supplies arrived Wed afternoon and I had plenty of time to gather old doilies to dye. I love how this one turned out. It will be a tote or purse backing and possibly the flap????
I dyed a few trims for a friend. These are corkscrew trims and I dyed matching threads for them. I used a few different shades for each color. Naturally I had to dye a purple one :-)They would be great for a Bohemian purse I think. I don't make pillows but this would be great trim around a pillow.
That is it for me today. My back is feeling fine and I'm going to swing and read the newspaper. Have a great weekend.


  1. Oh it sounds like a wonderful day! I so wish I lived next to a beach! I adore the sound of the water and feel of sand between my toes. So, I love to read about your little walks and your treasures! Hoping mom will feel like going next time!

  2. Sounds like you've been busy!
    I hope your back stays fine.
    I've been weeding the parking space and inbetween paving slabs today, it wore me out!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Sandie xx

  3. Anonymous6:25 PM CDT

    Pat, you are such a treasure, I really enjoy seeing the world thru your eyes. Living by the water is such a bonus in life, so restful and peaceful---Mary

  4. I am finding that if I do a runners tretch for my hanstrings before I do much of anything each day, my lower back does much better!!!Maybe it will help when you know that you ahve so much standing work to do! You certainly had a wonderful trip to the beach and the Estate Sale!! I am still amazed at how many pieces of glass that you pick up on each trip!! I have never seen anything like those corkscrew trims- they are really wild!!! enjoy your swinging and your garden- I was SO excited to see the tutorials for both the columbuine and the pansies!!! Both are my favs !!! My columbine is pretty much done and the roses really took a beating in the rain but they will bloom again, at least!!! happy Spring SUnday to you!!!


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