Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday morning surprise!

After washing breakfast dishes I peeked out the back door to see if I could see any Lilac buds on the tree near the deck and look what I saw instead..........
Remember last week's discovery of Cinder and Smoke? This is the mother and another baby which looks to be unharmed. It was jumping on the mother trying to play. It is a healthy and very frisky little creature but naturally, afraid of humans. Wherever the mother came from, she is certainly a very good mother to keep her baby so healthy in these conditions of being "homeless".What to do....
I can't understand why the mother stays here. Although we have never been mean to her, we don't feed her because we assumed she was an unclaimed neighbor cat and honestly, we just don't want a cat for various reasons. This is the second year she has "adopted" us. We think she lives in the barn or in the garden. Last year I've often seen her head toward the garden after sunning herself. If she can be caught, she must be taken to the vet so no more kittens can be put through the terrible ordeal Smoke and Cinder experienced.
I think Cinder found a home with the Vet tech and Jilly may have kept Smoke. It has been a busy week and I haven't caught up with her yet. She will be surprised about this mornings find.
I think this little one will be named....hmmmmm..what do you think? Any suggestions?
I hope you have a great Sunday. I'm finishing projects, dyeing for a ribbon order, and hope to finish gathering goodies for a couple friends. If I can catch up on things today I will be a very happy gal!


  1. Ah they're both lovely, I would adopt them! Only one problem, an ocean between us!
    Hope you manage to catch up!

    Sandie xx

  2. They do look really healthy for feral cats! She must be a good mouser!

  3. Oh what a beautiful pair...blessings to you Pat...BTW...she keeps coming back cause she knows how kind you's can sense these things you know...

  4. How sweet. We have a stray cat that adopted us as well. DH is a softy and fed her when he grilled out. She had kittens under our 3 season room and we brought them onto the porch as soon as we could. The kittens went to good homes and mama got taken to the vet so it wouldn't happen again. She still visits us for her morning and evening feedings. Indoor kitty is jealous, but can't do anything about it.

  5. Nice and healthy looking......she must be a good hunter to be so healthy looking.....

  6. how about Sunny? Like a ray of sunshine. go along with all things summer like the lilac bush :D

  7. Pat, we also had a stray who hung around us a while, and we finally caught him to take to the vets. The vet laughted and said that if they've been around for more than 6 months, you've been adopted. We were prepared to have him neutred but he had feline AIDS and Bob the female cat was our 1st priority there. Might take a while to win mother cat's confidence but good luck.
    Hooroo from autumnal Sydney Australia

  8. The little should be Lucky. It has found a nice place to visit and it wasn't hurt in the fire. I have been told the retreat was great, so sad to have missed it. Hopefully we will see you this summer.

  9. This is always so sad, Pat, isn't it. Here on our road we seem to be the "drop off" place for unwanted cats. There are so many ferals around here. They're very frightened of people and you can never get close enough. What is it with people doing this!
    These two are adorable!
    Hugs, Diane


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