Monday, April 11, 2011

Smoke and Cinder.....sad with a happy ending.

Saturday after I returned home from the beach DH was gathering limbs fallen from ice and snow and heavy winds over the winter for the burn pile. Each Spring it is his ritual to burn the large pile of logs and limbs from yard clean up. Unfortunately our old estate has old trees which lose large limbs weekly (almost) and it doesn't look so great so he takes the garden hose to the burn pile and ignites the tangled mess every spring. I was in the house when he came in to ask if I wanted a kitten, kidding of course, we don't keep cats because of his allergy and honestly, he is a dog person. Anyway. I finished what I was doing and went to the barn to find him trying to make a kitten drink milk. He told me it ran out then back into the bonfire. He said the mother was no where to be found and he had no idea she had kittens in there. It is a stray cat that just won't leave our yard so we let it alone, no troubles because it rarely is seen near the house. Anyway, he and I were both sickened to think the mother and more kittens were burned alive. Then I saw the mother by the creek looking toward us. I headed toward her with her charred furred kitten in hand. The poor little thing smelled awful as you can imagine burnt cat fur. The mother ran away and I was about to put the kitten down for her to take care of when I heard a faint meow. I felt sick as I walked toward the flames hoping I would not see a little life crawling out. I didn't see anything but continued to hear the little guided me to an old dog house we kept ,"just in case" we got another outside dog. I peeked in and there was another charred furred kitten. I sat the one down near it and they scurried off to the corner. I ran up to get the milk although I know you don't give milk to kittens, I figured anything cold and wet would be better than nothing. About that time Jilly pulled up. I told her our ordeal and she went down to look at them and said she wanted them. I know it seems cruel to take them from their mother but they were old enough to survive without her and I know for a fact if we left them for her to deal with an animal would have eaten them eventually. That is what happens around here in the country living by a creek. Quite a variety of animals trying to survive anyway they can. So I was relieved as you can imagine. Jilly rescues a lot of animals and I knew if they did stay with her they would be so spoiled. Even if she doesn't keep them, they will have a much better life than living in the woods.
They slept in a laundry basket in the studio while we played a while. They seemed very content although we know they had to be in some discomfort. I would have been crying if it were me,LOL.
Jilly phoned twice to give me a report on them. Last night Jilly bought kitten milk and food and fed them well. She discovered from the vet's nurse she happened to run into at the store that they were approximately 5 weeks and both were little boys. This morning they were taken to the vet to be checked over because of their burns. We appropriately named them Smoke and Cinder.
This is Smoke, sleeping....
I had to wake him up for a picture. He looks so sleepy after his horrible morning.
This is Cinder. He has no whiskers left and his little nose is raw but neither of them were crying.
Cinder getting love from Jilly.
Cinder licking his poor little paws. So sad. They are sweet, quiet kittens and so very cute. I hope she keeps them so I can watch them grow however I know sometimes new cats don't gel with current ones in a household so, whatever happens, happens. I snapped a couple pics before they left. The mother hasn't been seen yet but then I have been at the dentist all morning with mom so I haven't had a chance to see if she was down by the creek or barn. I have to catch her and get her taken care of even if she isn't mine. This can't happen again. I've always taken care of my pets as soon as it was time and it really angers me when irresponsible people just let "nature" take care of their animals.
Yes, that is what my mom's neighbor told mom when she asked that she control her cats by having them fixed. Some people!
That was my Saturday. Smoke and Cinder are spending a few days at the vet getting re-hydrated, antibiotics for their burns and will be taken care of thanks to Jilly.
THANK YOU JILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness. They are SO sweet! So glad you found them and that Jilly is taking them in. 5 weeks is a good age as they should be able to eat some mushy food on their own, and young enough that they haven't become too feral yet on their own. (We've cared for ferals since we moved here, probably due to, as you said, people who don't spay and neuter and let the population run wild.) We currently have 3 former ferals living with us. 2 insist on going outside, which I hate, but 1 we got really early (3-5 days old) and bottle fed her for weeks, so she never knew the outdoor life, thank goodness! Keep us posted with photos!

  2. What an ordeal!! I am so glad for your sake and theirs that they managed to get out of the brush pile without too much singing!!! Jilly to the rescue!!! She is a doll isn't she!!!!

  3. Thankfully you could help those two cuties. They will have a good life with Jilly. I am sad for their burns but the outcome will be best for them.
    God bless.

  4. OH Pat, I'm so glad you were able to save two of them. That may well be all there were. God Bless Jilly for taking them and giving them a good home. They'll heal well and be well loved:)

  5. Such little cuties! How lovely to know that they will be able to stay together and be taken care of.

  6. awwww ... so sweet. What cute furbabies. Yeah, the kittens don't survive out here either unless there is a mother cat defending them.

    Jilly ... plz keep us posted

  7. Oh they are precious. Thank goodness for Jilly. Keep us posted please.

  8. What sweet little faces and perfect names you chose fo them. I am glad Jilly was there and offered to care for them.

  9. What a misadventure for these kittens, fortunately you were there, and Jillly! Caresses, and strength, in these youngs!

  10. Oh, these are so lovely kittens. They are so much lucky that they found parents like you...Our little boy Babig, is three years old now, I'm so glad that my DD brought it our home.

  11. What a relief they were saved, and will be well cared for. Bless Jilly!

  12. Oh, they are so cute. Jilly is wonderful for taking them and caring for them! A good friend for sure! You and the kittens are blessed!

  13. Hi Pat..
    Never a dull moment..bittersweet for sure ....Gladly with a happy ending. The kitties are so sweet and big hugs to Jilly for rescuing them.. Keep us posted.

  14. They are so adorable - hats off to you for working so hard to save them and find them a new home.
    I cringed through each paragraph but thankfully there was a happy ending!

  15. So glad you were able to save them, they are soo cute!

  16. I'm so glad to hear the kittens are getting good care! Thanks heavens Jilly has a soft spot for animals, I so love cats also.

  17. Anonymous9:54 PM CDT

    10 years ago, I rescued a litter of kittens at 3 weeks old from our "burn" pile, except we were taking it all to the city dump! We put four kittens in a box, called the vet, and they suggested Kitten replacement formula...and today I have three gorgeous went to a neighbor...but I love you story...and they are adorable kittens. You will find or Jilly will, that they will be such lovers...ours still are. My hubby says the umbilical cord never got severed!!!! Enjoy!


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