Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saturday beach outing

Saturday morning I headed off to the beach...again. I can't help it, it draws me there like a magnet. The town of Beverly Shores were having an Easter egg hunt in the park so the beach was pretty empty. I spied two boats that seemed a bit too close for comfort. Perhaps they were racing? It has been raining almost every day so run off water from the creek and dunes were rushing into the lake as you can see. My little bridge (log) had washed away so I had to go over the drain tunnel where people have made a path.
The treasures were plentiful and I found three blue mermaid tears. Although I enjoy every trip to the beach, it just isn't the same without mom. On my way back I snapped this picture of a grandmother playing with her granddaughter along the shore. So many giggles! I bet they attended the egg hunt! I was surprised at the amount of goodies I found. The sun was starting to come out as I started home. I stopped to get breakfast for DH to save time and I quickly changed clothes and began mowing the garden and transplanting. Just as I was packing dirt around the last perennial the Florist pulled up and I was given a bright melon colored Azalea. It was from mom and my brothers. It brightened the kitchen and my day.

Today it is Gray and wet but I enjoyed my morning talking to my friends Vernita and Laney for a bit. I also finished another project and am itching to share it with you. Soon....pretty soon.
Have a great day!


  1. It's turned quite cool here again but, I refuse to put the heating back on!
    What a lot you got from the beach!

    Sandie xx

  2. It's such a rare treat to find sea glass here! I could walk on the beach every day...don't live that close though! Enjoy your week! Nice and hot here in Florida! ♥


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