Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rainy weather..playing with Photoshop

I know everyone is sick of the rain around here but I have been so busy getting loose ends wrapped up that the rain has made no difference in my life. I know my garden is smiling and drinking it all in as flowers continue to shoot through the earth. Poppy leaves are a foot high and the Iris are right behind them.
I want to shop for new perennials, dig without gloves with both hands, spread mulch, transplant a few things, sip tea under the Forsythia, swing on the hammock with Angell, go for a long bike ride through the country,well, you get the idea....I want to play outside!

For now all I can do with flowers is to play in Photoshop, which I did this evening.
This is Flora....
This is my neighbor/friend Karen who just lays around all day doing nothing as you can see...
LOL. Actually I was doing a little editing for her over the weekend and thought she would enjoy this image since she is such a busy gal and doesn't get to loaf often. Perhaps this will be a reminder for her to take time off now and then :-) Adding heads to vintage images is a great way to practice editing. I really stink at it now but I sure am having fun. I think it is time to play around with Laney's head..................
Starting a new project tomorrow! Will share soon.


  1. Hi dear Pat,
    I love your flora...living among her beautiful flowers--and your friend seem happy-and glad that "you put her" to rest a bit, there in the swing.
    I wish I had photoshop--but I don`t--and I wonder if I could find time to use( learn ) it :)

  2. Nice article. Very impressive :)

  3. Pat, so fun and so clever! Photoshop can be so addictive. Is the hammock postcard an one that can be found online, or one of your personal stash? I searced for vintage hammock images for a project last week, to no avail. Your floral image is beautiful! ~ Angela

  4. I love to play with digital stuff when it is raining - always good creative time. Karen looks very relaxed indeed!

  5. Beautiful woman in flowers Pat! Hope all is fine with you and as I can see you are as always in a creative mood ;-)

  6. Hi Pat
    Just dropping in to say "HI"! Well done on your image of photoshop. Which version do you have. Am considering to purchase! Just love that image of Karen!


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