Sunday, April 03, 2011

Fantabulous day in IL

Yesterday I didn't need a brown paper bag, I needed an oxygen tank. If you are a crazy quilter, or just love fine fabrics , Fishman's Fabrics is a must. The address is 1101 South Desplaines Street Chicago,IL or you may visit their website . This is a sample of our day .....
.....details later, gotta tend to family :-)


  1. WOW!! Did you get alot? Sounds like so much fun.

  2. Be still my heart...

  3. How could you resist one of each! I checked out their website...glorious silk velvets, etc. Thanks for sharing. ~ Angela

  4. Hi Pat
    My face has just turned green! I hope you didn't hold back on your heart's desires. What a fabulous place. It's one of my favourite all time things to do - especially where they sell all of these exotic fabrics.
    Hugs, Suzy


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