Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dyeing a bit of ribbon

It was a sunny but cool day with a slight wind so I spent most of the morning dyeing silk ribbon and hung them on the front porch to dry. I know some of you enjoy seeing dyed ribbons so I'm sharing some of today's results with you. I just needed to play with dyes or something messy today. It was too chilly to work in the yard and I really needed some ribbons for upcoming projects and perhaps to fill my empty etsy shop. I dyed some darker ribbons but my camera battery died after this shot so..................

Tomorrow I will be sitting in the dentist office again with mom so I am going to piece a project to work on and finish ironing the ribbons. I hope your day was "Colorful".


  1. Those ribbons look luscious! What a fun day you had.

  2. Yummy Colors, Pat!

    A bit cold for Gardening here today in Washington, too. But at least we got a break from all the RAIN! ACKKKKK!

    Having a little Giveaway if you want to stop over!

  3. I wanna move in with you and play!!!!

  4. lovely gorgeous ribbon!! Ah silk ribbon is a dream. Yours are so beautiful.

    Ann Flowers

  5. Hi Pat I have been waiting for you to add some ribbon to your etsy....I am in need...thanks so much

  6. Very gorgeous colors...yummy and PRETTY! ♥

  7. Glorious colours!The ribbons look so luscious.

  8. Hi Pat! Gorgeous colors, wow! You can go for some time again LOL! Enjoy!


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