Thursday, April 07, 2011

Clutch for dragonfly

Last night I gathered jewel tone fabrics and set to work creating a home for the Kreinik Hot-Wire dragonfly.
I wired a bead body to the wings then placed it on a jacket to give those who don't CQ an optional idea. A brooch would be a wonderful and welcome gift to anyone I think.
I decided on a clutch. The top piece is the flap where the dragonfly will "live". I will be embellishing and perhaps assembling this clutch today. It is foggy so no need to venture outside. Have a great day!


  1. Your work is so beautiful. I would love to crazy quilt but I am afraid that my stitches aren't up to par. I love that dragonfly. I am going to use your idea to have my class make hearts for the victims of the Christchurch earthquake and butterflies for the Houston Holocaust museum's butterfly project. I had been looking for something that I thought my class could handle and this looks like it. Thanks so much for sharing all your great ideas. I have your book too, and as soon as summer vacation hits, I am going to give a crazy quilt project a try. I am sure it won't be as beautiful as your work!

  2. I will be looking for this "Hot Wire"

  3. Your dragonfly is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the finished clutch :)
    A great day to you too!


  4. Lovely clutch.Must try that gorgeous dragonfly. Thanks for tutorial.
    Isn't is just Fabulous to spend the day playing with fabrics.
    we are decluttering(yet again) here, so I have even less dusting , things neatly in boxes etc so I can play more!!

  5. Your dragonfly is just gorgeous...

  6. Hello Pat
    Love the dragonfly. I understand the meaning of it is friendship;. Neat eh>


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