Saturday, April 30, 2011

Goodies to share

I wanted to share some treats from my special friends. I had a delightful exchange with the lovely and talented Suzi Quaife. Yummy burnout velvets and lace. Thank you Suzi.I enjoyed our swap and hope your package has arrived by now.
This group of goodies was from my bud Terri Takacs. When she stash shops, she takes me with spirit. She is such a generous soul and beautiful inside and out. She spent some time at the recent CQ Adventure hosted by Maureen Greeson and shopped for both of us. Beautiful things that wold make any crazy quilters heart skip a beat and a few CT pewter items I cherish. Thank you so much Terri, everything is so unique and I love it all. That beaded Indian fabric is awesome.
Well, that should catch you up for now. I'll be putting finishing touches on the magazine so I may be scarce for a bit. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  1. Oh Pat! Sorry to hear your DH had a accident, so glad to hear he is o.k.
    It makes you feel nauseaous getting the phone call.
    Nice stash gifts!
    Hope you are both able to have a relaxing weekend.

    Sandie xx

  2. Wonderful goodies!

    I am so glad to hear that everyone was fine. Those are terrifying phone calls to receive. The knees just turn to rubber.

  3. Wow..what a misadventure. Glad all is well. Aren't cq buddies the bestest?? They always seem to think of friends when shopping. I can't tell you all the fun little surprizes I have gotten. Including a couple of sewing machines left on my doorstep. LOL! The more the merrier!

  4. Anonymous6:36 PM CDT

    what neat stash builders,you are one of a nice group of ladies Pat---Mary

  5. Oh my! Blessings to your DH. Thankful it was only metal and ppl ok.

    Enjoy your week-end

  6. Oh Dear Pat! What a terrible shock it must have been for you! I really hope DH is feeling a bit better after the accident. So good that he was not too badly hurt!!!
    On another note I see that your little parcel has arrived and hope you are happy with all the bits and that they will come in handy for you.
    I shall let you know when yours arrives too Pat.
    I love Terri's beautiful embroidered Indian piece - just stunning!!
    Hope all is falling into place with the next CQG magazine!
    Love and hugs,

  7. I'm sorry you had such a shock Pat.Thankfully no serious injuries.Must have been awful.

    Pretty gifts!

  8. So glad your hubby is ok......the stash enhancement is wonderful....


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