Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beach morning

This morning I headed off to the beach alone. Yesterday mom was having a bit of trouble getting in and out of my car and I know she needs more time to heal so I didn't press the "beach" issue. I'd rather she heal properly and not re-injure her back. If I mention I want to go she would go just so I wouldn't be alone...yes, even though I am 51 she thinks I will be kidnapped,LOL. Funny but true.

The beach was beautiful and the temperature was already warm. I saw a couple of boats already enjoying the days offering of calm waters and sunny skies.

This is toward Chicago..... you can see faintly the smoke stacks from one of the steel mills.
This is toward Michigan....(Waving to my two Leslie's' of St. Joe & Stevensville MI....hi girls!)I'm not sure why but every time I am strolling the shore a song that I didn't think I noticed pops into my head. This morning it was Rhianna's, "What's my Name". "Oh na,na, whats my name, Oh na,na, whats my name".......Where did that come from? Perhaps its just a catchy lyrics because I don't really care for it. (Sorry Rhianna) Anyway, with Rhianna in my head, I make my way down the shore.

Do you see what I see?
How about now? No?
Now? My first treasure.

Second treasure...Aqua!
Finally..after several pieces, a BLUE one!!! I stepped beside it and happened to look down and there it was waiting for me.
This was my bridge to the second half of the beach.... a slippery piece of driftwood, no biggie for this "Tomboy".I walked for quite a while before turning back. I was near the "blowout" when I snapped this picture of an area of sand that mom refers to as "walking on the moon". It is an odd area that appears to have been rained on recently. You can always find glass in this area.
The sun is getting hot and it is time to return home. I checked my phone, no missed calls so this means they (mom or DH) haven't reported me missing yet :-) From the road I stopped to take this photo of an elderly couple looking for glass. Sweet!
I opened the moon roof, turned up the music and hoped Rhianna wouldn't be singing before I got home....she didn't. I like her music, just not that song..don't know why.
This was my treasure after 2 1/2 hours of sunshine. (2 blue) :-) Now I'm headed out to work on my flowers beds then Jilly will be here to play.
I hope you are having a blissful day too!


  1. Wow Pat what a lovely stroll you had. So beautiful to be near a beach where you can just take in all the beauty of life...Praying your mom heals speedily...Hugs..Lovey

  2. Girl, All the beach glass must be there!! I haven't found much but it's nice to go to the beach-I think it's too warm today,what happen to 70 degree Spring-LOL.

  3. What a lovely beach morning for you! And your finds? I love hunting for beach glass, puka shells and paper shells at our beaches.

  4. Pat, your writing is beautiful, your photos lovely and your treasure collection is amazing!

    I get that "song thing" too. Drives me nuts. But that's a short trip for me! LOL!

    Hugs and hello to your mom!

    PS - yes, my mom is the same way. She still sees me as 16 and wants me to check in 10 times a day so she knows that I'm still breathing!

  5. I love your blog and I love your magazine! You have taken crazy quilting to a beautiful extreme. Please check out my new blog. I am hosting a 'Pay It Forward' giveaway/project...come check it out!
    Teresa in California
    I love your beach glass... it's so fun to collect!

  6. Catching up on your weekend ventures. Stunning clutch. I understand the "mom" worries part! Mighty Max is getting cards from me. Have a great week...


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