Friday, March 25, 2011

Super day and not even 11:00!

I'm in a whirlwind this morning and don't really know where to start...perhaps at the beginning?

Yesterday was such fun running around with Jilly. We stopped at several antique shops however neither of us found many needful things but we both agreed that was fine. We aren't hoarders, we just love old things and want to give them a good life...that's our story and we're sticking to it. I found a few things I thought you vintage fans would enjoy. This dress has such pretty laces and Matilda would look fabulous in it however she can't afford it :-)
These shoes all lined up were too "witchy" friend Vernita would love the second pair from the right with those pointy toes..Ouch!
I loved this group of vintage dresses too...
What proper lady would go out without a hat?
Not much lace around these days however we did dig through this stash. A bit pricey but beautiful to look at. We kept running into crazy quilts. I rarely see them anywhere these days and we saw at least six authentic crazy quilt items.
We stopped at Erica's and I found a pretty green silk dupioni. At Hancock I didn't have much luck but then I wasn't really looking for anything in particular. I could have cared less if I found anything or not, just spending some time with a friend was the prize of the day. Jilly gave me a treasure bag with two beautiful glass shell ornaments from her trip to Florida around Christmas. They are so gorgeous! She always shares her new stash finds with me and these are scrumptious pink goodies for CQ and a glittery butterfly to flit around the studio. Thank you Jilly, it was a wonderful day and I had a great time.
Last night I worked on a few sea brooches for a lady and did a little embellishing on this little purse. It is a long thinner type which I am using for a clasp tutorial.This morning I was dyeing ribbons and DH phoned to ask me out this afternoon. So, that cut my dye session short. I did get several pastel pox finished though. They are not ironed yet so excuse the wrinkles :-)Just as I had finished cleaning up I received a phone call from Tisha, my wonderfully sweet friend in Metamora MI. It was so nice to hear her voice and chat a bit. Thanks Tish, I just couldn't ask for a more pleasant morning. It may be bitter cold outside but my heart is certainly warm!
I must close this down for now and get ready for my "date"! Have a great weekend!!!!


  1. I like the look of long strands of wrinkled silk ribbon, myself. They're pretty once they've been ironed, too.
    Frankly, I think I just love silk ribbons.

  2. Thanos for takimng us shopping Pat. I can be tempted but not buy anything..LOL!

  3. What a busy morning you had!
    Love your newly dyed ribbons,even if they are not ironed!
    The lace and that butterfly...simply wonderfully gorgeous.
    GHlad you had a great time with your friend Jilly and I love your 'scuse not to buy......

    Hope you had a lovley date with DH,how sweet and romantic!

    Have a great weekend.

    Sandie xx

  4. Pat, don't you wish we still dressed like that! Well, sometimes! lol! Can't beat the comfort of modern clothes, but we've sure lost a lot of the femininity that the older ones provided. Just imagine having to wear corsets thank you.

    What are pastel "pox"? The ribbons look absolutely lovely!

    Hugs, Diane


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