Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunshine...for now that is.

As I jumped from one friends blog to the next I read that everyone has a new blanket of snow. It is sunny at the moment but cool here today but if it makes you all feel any better, snow is expected here by the weekend. I really don't mind because that will give me some much needed stitching time.

Last night I organized all of the little drawers in my studio. This is one part of the parts drawer units organized. I like little containers to separate items so I have containers inside of containers inside of containers. I condensed a lot of unnecessary containers needless to say.It was a three hour job but I found a lot of neat things to play with that I had forgotten I had. Next I will dive into thread organization. I just received the new Kreinik naturals, wired,and candy color threads. They are all beautiful and I am anxious to try them out but I am making myself organize all threads first.

Tomorrow I will be swooped away to my favorite antique shop, Erica's, and Hancock fabrics in South Bend...Jilly had read my post yesterday and invited me to go. I am looking forward to it. I hope the gal restocked her booth, I'm in the mood for some great finds. I had better charge my camera tonight.

Time to start cooking, have a great evening.


  1. Oooh, such discipline and great results. Looking forward to seeing your treasures. Have a great time tomorrow! ~ Angela

  2. Organizing is what I need to be doing today, since the weather is too lousy for getting out of the house!

  3. Oh Pat, I could learn some organizing,too...
    I have a big studio, but it is alwayes filled in every corner, with things of all kinds.
    I wish you a very wonderfull tour, tomorrow.

  4. Organizing for me is a never ending job. I seem to always need to clean something up and put 3 more things away! I wanted you to know I purchased the Digital version of your magazine for my Nook! Great Job! I am enjoying it very much!

  5. Thanks looks so neat just how i like it...but im not like it at the moment.

  6. Can I come too? I would love to see those wonderful stores!
    Looking forward to some pics.
    We've had lovely sunny weather here again today but, it is expected to change on saturday, we've had a full week of fine dry weather with a few frosts mind.
    Enjoy yourselves tomorrow and safe journey!

    Sandie xx

  7. It's a good thing we organize ourselves once in awhile because it's such fun to rediscover treasures we've forgotten we had!

  8. Isn't that the best part of cleaning and organizing, Pat - finding things we've forgotten we had and how they inspire us. That's a thought. I'll hold onto that when I'm feeling one of those "blank" moments with no clue about what my next project should be. I'll clean the studio and see what happens!
    Hugs, Diane

  9. Hi Pat, Your post is so cherry and I am so happy you are. Enjoy your shopping!! I would never find any joy in organizing and cleaning up. Thank you for the photos. I would be happy if mine was just half as neat as yours.

  10. There's nothing like a clean-up of your supplies to get fingers itching to move is there? And I have to admit it is nicer to create in a tidy space than a disaster, which I seem to land in once in a while.
    I agree as well, your fabric drawers look a liitle empty - have fun filling them back up again!


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