Thursday, March 31, 2011

Someone you should meet.

Don't you love Blog-land?

You can thank me later, for now just go see what Evy has to offer. I just discovered her blog through a comment she left on mine. I was blown away. I want to see more Evy!!!! Gorgeous work, and the beaded crochet...I'm gobsmacked!
(Me being gobsmacked) I'd love to share a pic but must respect her request on sidebar. Just go with you...


  1. Anonymous9:10 AM CDT

    I am looking and looking for Evy--does she go by a certain name--I am missing your side bar---pleeeeze help!

  2. I agree, Pat, this is gorgeous stuff!

  3. Thank you Pat for this article! I sent to you by e-mail of photos, I hope that they reached you? Otherwise I authorize you to publish what pleases you! It is now necessary me to work even more to deserve your welcome …

    Beautiful day, and happy quilting


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