Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rainy day outside....rainbows of color inside

I stood in the kitchen with my blueberry pomegranate juice in hand staring out the window at the misty gray world wondering what this rainy day would bring. I'm sure like most of you, unless I have a doctor/dental appointment or actual plans written down, I never know what I will get in to each day. I know what I should get in to but that rarely happens. I'm not much on watching TV, especially during the day. It is quite a waste of time in my opinion.
Especially with my world being turned upside down the past 6 months, I cherish every day that I don't have to go anywhere....unless I want to. It is a good day to play in the studio. I did get a little organizing accomplished in there over the weekend.
Inspired by the neat folded fabrics I bought at Tisha's, I tackled the job of straightening up my own fabric stash. These drawers would hardly close before.Boy does it ever leave a lot of space for more fabrics....although that wasn't my intent but....????

So today I think I will play in there and perhaps even start a new project, or at least gather the supplies for one. If I would have thought about it earlier I would have planned a little trip to South Bend to peruse my favorite antique shop, Erica's and Hancock fabrics to fill the empty space in my newly organized drawers :-)

Have a great day and I hope you have sunshine.


  1. cathy smith10:20 AM CDT

    Very sunny here in Florida! I just received your magazine in the mail and sat on my screen porch reading it and daydreaming. My head is filled with a million ideas. I love your color combinations. You mentioned on Facebook that you would let me know when you have any new sea brooches for sale. I love those.
    Have a wonderful spring day.
    Cathy Smith

  2. Hello dear Pat,
    I would love that feeling,about not knowing how to spend the day- but as long as I have my shop, there are no questions asked, about what to do---well ,-the good thing about that is :I love creating, in my studio, next to the shop .
    I hope your day is lovely- I know you have been bussy :)
    Warm hugs,


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