Thursday, March 31, 2011

Influence of friends make for happy hands

I took a trip to my super talented friend, Lilla LeVine's etsy shop and saw something I had to try. Lilla was influenced by her friend Robenmarie and created a gift bag using old patterns. I love the sound and feel of the pattern sheets and often use them to encase a purchase from my etsy shop by sewing up a pocket, inserting the purchased item and sewing closed with a paper butterfly sewn into the seam.
It is fun to use unusual supplies and Robenmarie and Lilla sure proves that in their paper creations. So, having a free moment I headed to the studio and pulled out my old pattern stash. I thought I would try my hand at a paper messenger bag for the show Saturday. I always carry a water bottle with me so I used the fusible vinyl to line the interior of the bag. It also helps strengthen it for my purchases. So here is my first attempt at a pattern paper bag which I will be embellishing with more laces this afternoon. It was so fast to construct and gave me many ideas for future use for this method. I added a pretty paper tag in the left upper corner from Lilla, and one of my favorite sheer beaded bugs from Flights of Fancy Boutique, a vintage scrap of lace sewn onto a sheer tulle-like material, and for the flap I added a vintage page from a music study book. The previous student got a red star from the teacher and I left that on there as well as the penciled in notes.Thank you for the inspiration Lilla, I had such a good time making this.

Although this was so much fun, you should see the studio. I was tossing paper everywhere, snippets of lace lying about and I must head up there and clean it up right now! See you later.


  1. This is beautiful, Pat. You could actually iron the design onto fabric too with a transfer or print it directly onto muslin for something to use.
    Beautiful, again!

  2. Love it! And I think a ig mess in the studio is a good indicator it was a lot of FUN!

  3. It is the very beautiful idea that he is going to be pleasant to use! It is always pleasant to mix the materials.

    Happy day Pat

  4. So beautifull, Pat--
    I love the idea, and the beautifull laces, and added items.

  5. Wonderful love it Pat.

  6. How great is that? As always I love what you do Pat!! Have fun this weekend. Next weekend I will be in Cincinnati OH for the quilt show. I can't wait.

  7. Too cool Pat, I love the idea of re-using patterns for things. Nice to branch out of the mold and try another technique and look.
    I took a class from Roben-marie and did enjoy it.
    aloha Lilla

  8. Wahta fabulous bag!! Love it !! Have a great time at the show- I am GREEN with envy!!!


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