Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring! Gifties from sweet women

First I want to say Happy Spring to those who have been patiently waiting for it to arrive. It is wet and cold out but at least we know warmer weather is on its way. The birds remind me every morning. Hyacinths and naked ladies are up and those are the first sign around here.

I wanted to share some treats I have received in the mail.
A sweet woman who had purchased the magazine had inquired about printed images so I sent her a few to play with and she surprised me with a beautiful fairy card with the nicest letter which was filled with gorgeous lace applique's. Thank you Mary but you shouldn't have sent me anything. That was so sweet of you and I will enjoy them.

My bud Terri attended a flower show recently and thought of me with these treats. A sweet card, a book mark with dragonflies, and a bottle vase trio to hold my first blooms of Spring. I think I will fill them with violets. Thanks SP!! You are too kind and generous to me.

Yesterday DH brought a package to me from Nicki Lee aka "The beautiful lace dyer". I was gobsmacked when I saw the content. My goodness Nicki! I believe Christmas is in December! From the sweet words written in the card to the silk dupioni fabric the boxes were wrapped in, I thank you so much for this incredible treat. I certainly do not deserve it however I will use it and enjoy each item while thinking of the generous giver whom I am delighted to call friend. The porcelain trinket box is so beautiful and delicate and your gorgeous laces are so tempting to create with that I may start a project with them this week. That swan from Germany is incredible. What a fun surprise to celebrate the first day of Spring. Blessings to you.
While I am sharing gifties I wanted to share the beautiful stash I received from Vernita at the retreat. A beautiful floral painted porcelain button, threads, fabrics, applique's and bead assortments all in pastels. What an airy project this will make. Thank you so much for your generosity, hospitality and wonderful time I enjoyed with you running around MI. It was a memorable time for me especially because of you.

I also met a crazy quilter/teacher named Shirley Bentsen. Let me first say, her stash will knock your socks off and tickle your toes. Shirley allowed me to peek, alright, riffle through her stash and it was such fun. I love to explore stash of other crazy quilters. You see the most unique items and I guess it is like getting a "fix" of some kind. Just to browse and take it in is all I need to be happy however Shirley went a bit further and gifted me with a "teacher gift" before class. Doesn't this look like fun? How am I supposed to concentrate on teaching after seeing this? ;-)Thank you Shirley, this was such a fun package to explore. You can bet I'm scratching my head wondering why I have received such bounty from these terribly sweet and generous ladies. Perhaps they just want to keep me busy and out of trouble? Whatever the reason, every item, every hand written word is not taken lightly and has warmed my heart so much. Thank you all for thinking of me, you are much too kind.

Enjoy your day and Welcome Spring!


  1. Dear Pat,
    Oh ,you certainly recieved lots of wonderfull gifts, so much to joyfully play with- so many great things to enjoy-
    congratulations with all this , and happy "play-time"
    Warm hugs,Dorthe

  2. Beautiful and inspiring gifts! And such sweet friendships. Happy Spring to you too! ~ Angela

  3. You receive because you are such a delightful giving women. I received my magazine and lived it! Great job. Keep on publishing....

  4. Actuallyneed to proof this iPad and how it changes letters.. I meant to say I loved the magazine!!! And that you are such a giving woman. Enjoy your gifts. Dear Pat

  5. Oh shucks girl ~ you deserve all that and so much more!!!


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