Sunday, March 06, 2011

Embellishing in the afternoon

The sun has been shining all day and after taking a little walk outside I decided I should sew up a cheerful project. I chose this print with trumpet flowers of some sort. Of course I had to toss in a few roses.After I pieced the neck pouch I sat in the living room with the sun shining on my work. I must say there just isn't better lighting than what mother nature provides. After a few hours I completed the embellishing and put it together. I will save the clasp addition until tomorrow. I have something I want to add to the empty right side.
Enough for me today, time for dinner and a bubble bath!


  1. Oh, so beautiful, Pat! Do you think those are morning glories? ~ Angela

  2. I love it, especially the dragonfly!Yes I would say those are morning glories...

  3. It's absolutely stunning Pat....that dragonfly is a gorgeous too! Have a great evening.


  4. Lovely stitching Pat! I had a busy "dyeing" weekend - ribbon, laces etc...

  5. It has all my favourite colours and it's so lovely. Really beautiful.

  6. The two flowers at the bottem are so gorgous! perfect stiching!!

  7. Hi Pat!
    this is a wonderfull piece of art work- and the colors so beautifull-I -too, love the dragonfly-

  8. Hi Pat, I love your work it is so beautiful that little purse is gorgeous. I would love to know how to dye the laces, do you use a brush or is it pens I would love to have a go.

  9. Pat,yes they look like morning glories. It's beautiful whatever they are. Wishing you a stress free class! I know everything will fall into place and everyone will love you!
    As you sat in your sunny room, we were getting 18-24" of snow falling for over 18 hours! It's beautiful though!
    Hugs and safe travels,

  10. what a charming project! Received your magazine in the mail + look forward to a cuppa tea and break ; )


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