Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Caught the sunrise and Kreinik project

This morning I caught a beautiful sunrise. It has been a while since I've seen such a pretty one. Sure sign spring is here. What better way to greet the morning than viewing Periwinkle and Pink skies?The temps are still pretty chilly here but it is greening up all around the yard. I've been jotting down notes for ideas to improve the garden as I walk around seeing it "bare bones". I need to move a couple of big items that I haven't had the heart to do when in bloom. Does anyone else feel that way? They seem content and I hate to disturb them but when they were first planted I had no idea they would grow such heights. I also have a small nursery of various trees from DH to transplant. Then there's the Sweet Annie patch that tends to go wild each year. If I don't take notes I will forget and just be all over the place when the weather warms. Comparable to when I'm gathering stash to work on a project. If I didn't, I would be grabbing all kinds of things as I stitched away. I must have some control, LOL

If you use Kreinik threads than you may have heard the sad news that the founder of Kreinik threads, Jerry Kreinik passed away last week at age 96. I don't know if I would have enjoyed crazy quilting as much if I had never discovered Kreinik metallic threads 20 some years ago. I loved using them in my cross stitch projects but I can't live without them in my crazy quilting. I wanted to do a little project yesterday to quietly honor Jerry so I whipped up a little pouch and used only Kreinik metallic braids, the newest colors. I love the"Naturals" and the Candy colors", such as Rosehip, Sugar cane, Coffee toffee, Sugar plum, and Gum drop gold to name a few. This is what I'm working on.Sugar Plum was used for the feather stitch and Key Lime Pie was used on the Cretan stitch (with tiny blue glass flower beads). They are beautiful new colors. So Thank You Jerry and the Kreinik family for providing stitchers with beautiful and inspiring products.

Saturday I'm going to the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in Chicago with Jilly. Are any of you blogger/quilter/sewers attending? I hope to See Jenny Haskins again. She is such a sweet lady and has wonderful CQ goodies. I found some supplies at this show in the past and hope to do the same this year. The weather is supposed to be fairly nice but either way, I know it will be an enjoyable girls day out. Jilly is taking me to a fantastic fabric shop that she has tried to prepare me for. I might take a brown paper bag along in case I hyperventilate. :-)

I had better get busy and prep veggies for dinner. I'm giving mom a perm this afternoon so I want to breeze through cooking. I hope you are having a great day.


  1. Your little pouch is beautiful and I do love those colors. What a nice way to honor Mr. Kreinik. I am so hoping to get back to stitching soon. My shoulder willing.

  2. Pat, your purse is beautiful. I love the colors and the lace.

  3. I too love Kreinik threads and was very saddened by the news. I worked with Kreink for many years.
    Your work is stnning as always Pat!

  4. A very sad piece of news indeed, and a returned great tribute.
    As usual I am filled with admiration for your quilting crazy!

    Beautiful day

  5. Is there no end to your talents? You beautiful, talented lady!
    Sad news about Jerry Kreiniks' passing but, a good age!
    I have one or two(maybe 50+ ) k'threads, some of which I've never used, like to look at them lots though!
    Don't forget the camera, we all want to see too!
    Enjoy yourselves!

    Sandie xx

  6. What a beautiful pouch you are creating and the metallic threads really do make it sparkle!! Have a fabulous time at the show. I do so wish that we had such events hear on the East Coast!!!! I know that you will share your finds with us when you return!!!

  7. Sad news about Jerry Kreinik, Pat. I love all the Kreinik threads but my favourite would have to be the very fine braids. I have worked at trade fairs, demonstrating Kreinik threads for the Australian distributors and have enjoyed every minute. You have really done them justice.


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