Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Beautiful New book of collage

I wanted to give a shout out to Lovey on the recent release of her new book "Fabric Photo memories". It is a beautifully put together piece of inspiration for anyone who enjoys vintage lace,vintage images,rich fabrics,and decorative stitches. Lovey's art may be created with her hands however the major part of her work flows directly form her heart as you can see on her blog. Lovey's inspiration comes from her mother's memory which still drives her passion after 5 years and happens to be her muse. Lovey dedicates her work to her dear mother and I'm sure she is smiling down at her beautiful and creative daughter as each fabric is selected and each stitch is lovingly placed. Tutorials on various applications, beautiful photos,encouraging words are just a few treats this book holds for the reader. I know you will enjoy Lovey's book, it is a treasure and so is she.


  1. ME too! Pat just came by to say THE MAGAZINE arrived today and needless to say, nothing else got done around here. I am enjoying it very much. I love your article on dying ribbons. Well back to reading more. I am now onto Ms. Terri's article.

  2. Pat, you fill my heart with smiles every time! your words are always so beautiful. love to you, seriously...it's an honor to call you "friend" xoxo Lovey


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