Tuesday, February 01, 2011

What to do in a blizzard?

Apparently we are about to receive a blizzard in our area this evening. My sis in law left for California yesterday just in case which cut our visit short. We did get to spend an hour over coffee at Starbucks waiting for the airport bus to arrive. When we parked at the bus stop lot guess who came running toward me? My little friend Dawn!!!!! I couldn't believe it. I haven't seen her in forever and she was on her way to work, she is a flight attendant. I was glad to see her and especially happy that she would be riding with Nicole to the airport. I asked her hubby Don to take a quick pic as the bus was arriving...it was windy,freezing, and too early for makeup but I wanted a pic of these gals that I treasure. Gosh I hated to see them leave without me :-(

I stopped at the store to get a few things just in case we really do get snowed in and then I went to make sure mom was doing alright and took her some ice packs and a back brace for support so she could not re-injure it. It is better but not quite there yet. She just won't sit still. Argh!

When I returned home I was a bit sad so I gathered some supplies and started stitching. I made another little amulet. Crummy picture but you get the idea.A few people are waiting for me to put some in my poor etsy shop, so I thought I would work on a few this weekend.
The magazine is almost ready and I'm about to submit it for review. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and it will be released on or around March 1st. I will let you know!
I hope those of you in my area (Lelia,Karol,Marjorie,Donna,etc) are stocked up with food and stitching just in case the weather man is right (this time). Stay warm and if you must drive, be careful.


  1. Gee, some people just don't need makeup, and you are one of them! What a great looking group! Hope your mom gets better soon. Bad backs are the worst. Can't believe you are near publishing...yikes, I better get to restocking Etsy! Stay warm. Here in Texas...we just went from unseasonably warm 70 degree days this weekend to 20 some odd degrees and iced streets this morning. Bizarre! ~ Angela

  2. Anonymous9:23 AM CST

    I was looking over some old blogs of Rebecca's (A Gathering of Thoughts) and came across the one where she shared with us the little hand-made purse you sent to her, using the image she gave you of the little girl...I must ay, I think my jaw dropped, I was so amazed by this purse!! It is so exquisite and
    charming!! Wonderful needle work...
    I do hope you will be offering similiar purses up for sale in your shop soon...I would love to own one!
    I have marked your blog in "My Favorites" so as to be able to find you again!!
    Stay warm...the weather is going to be COLD even in central Louisiana

  3. Thanks for the shout out--the EGA chapter meeting is already cancelled for tonight. I'm at work now but planning to bring work home in case I decide not to try driving into the city tomorrow. We're well stocked and ready to snuggle in. Stay warm and safe. I love the photo--you look great!

  4. You don't need make up PAT!
    I hope you keep warm and cosy with this weather you're expecting.
    I love the button picture of Angell, I saw it on a blog yesterday, you must be thrilled!
    Take care,
    Happy stitching!

    Sandie xx

  5. The blizzard is hitting us any second now here in Michigans thumb. Not looking forward to being snowed in, but don't mind. Hope you survived!

  6. We are doing ok, still have power.

    Went to the grocery store + stocked up. Both sons work tomorrow; however their supervisors are having them come in later in the morning. Classes cancelled at Purdue in Westville.

    Stay Warm!!! Always, L

  7. You are all so pretty! And your happy smiles tell everything! Stay warm...enjoy creating beautiful things! ♥


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