Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Treasures and a fun outing

LastFriday I received these beautiful vintage beaded purses from my sweet sis in law Nicole. She found these while antiquing 30 years ago. They are wonderfully worn and will be treasured in my collection. Thank you so much Nicole!!!! Miss you!Saturday I enjoyed a sunny day with my bud Laney. It was long overdue. When we are together there is rarely a silent moment. We usually talk at the same time yet hear every word the other one is saying. It saves time when you don't have to take turns I guess :-)
Laney surprised me with this sweet cloche which will go in my dining room with a little birds nest with mini eggs.......
....and this sign which sums up our relationship.
We went to Vogue fabrics and I found some pretty trims and one fabric must have.Next on our list was a trip to the mall and Carson's was having an incredible sale. I found a cute pair of booties/shoes which were originally $44.00. They were on clearance for $25,then an in store discount for $7 and Laney had an extra coupon so they ended up being $5.00. We then stopped at Michael's and found a few goodies, nothing special. I did find these pins to be a needful thing and tried to find more to share but no luck.
That sums up our outing. What would ya do without friends and family?


  1. What a fun a successful outing. I am craving an outing like that! But recuperating. Hopefully soon. You had awesome weather also?!

  2. Sounds like a fun day! I received my copy of the magazine yesterday. Lots of yummy things to look at and read about.

  3. What a fun outing, it's always very special when friends come to call. Her gifts to you were very sweet and I love the sign. Have fun and please stay out of jail :) hugs Pearl


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