Sunday, February 20, 2011

Someone you should know.....

Lavette (Lovey) Johnson Debrow

For those who bought Crazy Quilt Gatherings and saw Lovey's fabric collage, you may want to see more of her eye candy and learn about what inspires her art. Soon you can see even more with her new book coming out in the near future. Learn more about it on her blog. By the way, she is giving away a free signed copy in honor of her book release and reaching 400 followers!!! Go Lovey!

I "met" Lovey when I was browsing a friend's blog then followed the link to Lovey's and I was immediately enthralled by her work. There is something special you can see and feel when someone creates from their heart and soul. Lovey expresses herself through vintage laces, beautiful textiles and the most beautiful photos of African American women from the 1800's-1900's. She has what I refer to as a "soft" style. When I first viewed "Angela's Wings" I felt a connection with Lovey. Perhaps it is her love of vintage, or her need to let her thoughts flow through her hands as she builds beauty through fiber. Whatever it is, Lovey certainly is a well kept secret and I think you would enjoy a peek inside her creative world. Her art will calm you and it speaks volumes of Lovey's personality. Kind, gentle, loving and giving. I just had to muster the courage to ask if she would share her work in CQGatherings and was dancing on my toes when she accepted.
I have to share something funny with you. While working on the magazine I didn't position the text box correctly and it cut off Lovey's last name. She jokingly let me know her husband may divorce her thinking she no longer wants it,LOL. I did get it corrected after the first hundred issues sold (sorry Lovey) but I have noticed other grammatical errors, some that I thought I had corrected.( Sorry, like I freely admit, I'm human and things do slip by me even if they are dangling in front of my nose).

Lovey offers tutorials on many applications and reading her blog makes you feel like you are in her home visiting. I know I would love to be a fly in her studio! Take a little break and go enjoy this talented artist's gifts.
While you are there you may want to join in on her SMYD (you must go to see what I'm talking about) I haven't had time yet but will work on it this week.


  1. Oooh Pat! I will definitely visit her blog!
    Hugs, Pam

  2. Dear Pat, oh isn't Lovey wonderful! Both as an artist and a lady. I just adore her work.

    Guess what came in the mail yesterday! THE magazine!!! I've only had time to flip through it and am truly in love with it! Tonight is the night for curling up with it! I can't wait. You did an amazing job. To be invited to honor! I know this will be a very successful venture for you. No doubt everyone who reads it will get itchy fingers to either learn how to CQ or to keep on CQing or pick it back up if they've set it aside for awhile.

    I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday afternoon. I am - I'm CQing! Hearts.

    Blessings, my friend! And thank you once again from my heart for the invitation.

  3. I received my mag and you did a beautiful job Pat and should be so proud!! I loved reading about all the ladies you included !! I have already "met" most of them through their beautiful blogs, including Lovey's who speaks to me too!! Thanks for all your hard work! Hugs, Karen

  4. Oh my Pat! I'm speechless. Your words connect to my soul. So kind, so special, so warm and loving. To read this post brings tears to my eyes. I'm humbly touched by you Pat. Humbled by your generosity to remember me and think of me in such a beautiful way. Humbled that our paths have come together. They didn't cross, they came together and I'm blessed by it completely. You know it's not how many people you know, but who you know. The individuals in your life that have influenced your exsistence for the good in you...that's how I see you. You have touch my heart and influenced my life for the betterment of who I am and am inspiring to be. How can that be measured? In gratitude and respect... I am grateful for you and respect you on purpose. Nothing by chance...everything by divine intervention. Thank you Pat, you have moved me this day...moved my heart with a tear of joy for the joy set within me and humbled me in my humanity.
    Warmest regards, hugs and thoughts...Blessings my Dear Pat.

  5. lovely blog!
    happy sunday!

  6. Hi Pat,
    oops! I did not realize the mag. was finished. Been away a bit and seem to have got lost in the shuffle.
    Let me know if you are doing more, not sure what you have in mind. Anyway great job
    aloha lilla

  7. She is wonderful and inspiring. Just love her.

  8. Hi Pat,
    Thanks for the mention, I'm off to visit now.
    Ah, still waiting patiently for my book!
    Happy creating,

  9. Hi Pat. Lovey is indeed lovely! And the CQ magazine is fabulous. Received my copy and enjoying it immensely! ~ Angela

  10. I came across Lovey's blog a couple of different times and thought she was a lovely soul. Glad you connected with her!


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