Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gin Rummy and stitching

Yesterday I stopped by my mother in laws to trim her hair. We ended up playing Gin Rummy. (sp?) for an hour or so and it was quite enjoyable. Now that she is home again I plan on visiting more often and hoping to be invited to play more games :-)

I found an eyeglass case I had pieced for a class sample tucked away in a box as I was doing a little organizing in the studio. I decided to finish it so I sat and stitched last night. I will put it together today and add a gold tone clasp then its off to the etsy shop!

I'm sure you are all aware of my talented friend Gerry Krueger by now. Aside from gardening and stitching,Gerry paints beautiful mother of pearl buttons. Yesterday these arrived in my mail box. The presentation is wonderful. Gerry attaches the button bags onto her card with another beautiful painted button. You know that will be attached to a CQ project!
The top button is a my baby girl (13 year old Chihuahua) Angell.The bottom button is of my mother's cat, Antoinette, which recently had to be put to sleep. Gerry had the wonderful idea of painting this button for me to use on a project for mom in memory of her beloved cat. I will be making mom a new mermaid tear collecting pouch and the button will be used for the closure. I will have to make myself one as well with Angell on it. As we walk and collect mermaid tears we will have our fur babies close by.
Thank you so much Gerry. These are more special than you can know. Mom will be amazed and deeply touched.
The sun is shining bright this morning but the temps are low. I guess I will fold laundry and then finish the eyeglass case. I hope you enjoy your day.


  1. Special, small projects are a joy to make. Lovely image of you and your mom walking and gathering glass to put in your pouches.Love the "child" aspect of this. gathering a wonderful, satisfying thing to do.
    SDometimes we forget the small pleasures in the myriad of distracting tasks /events that surround us.

  2. I just love Gerry's painted buttons! they are always so lovely.....what a wonderful thing to have your little fur babies with you while out walking and collecting mermaid tears.

  3. Beautiful buttons! Your Mom is going to be so excited when she sees her kitty on a special pouch. A blue-eyed kitty pouch for collecting blue mermaid's tears!

  4. These buttons are beautiful!

    and so is your eyeglass case!

  5. Hi Pat,

    The colours of your eyeglass case is unusual. I love it. The painted buttons by Gerry are so pretty and I can just picture how lovely your pouches are going to be.

  6. I love Gerry's work your buttons are to cute. I'm enjoying mine too. I love the colors on this piece, I like everything you do Pat, have fun. Always, Pearl


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