Thursday, February 03, 2011

Finished with pouches

It felt good to get back into the studio the past two days. Before life became so busy I used to sew everyday. I miss that but I think I am more motivated and inspired to "play" in the studio because of the lack of time. The one thing I especially enjoy about taking a sewing break is walking in the studio and going through the fabric bins and lace drawers and reacquainting myself with the "stash". New ideas start flowing through my mind and I start gathering whatever fabrics speak to me at that moment. Before long I have something pieced and the gathering of embellishments begin. After all these years of CQing I still get that thrill or," electric energy", as I start embroidering and adding beads then add a bit of silk ribbon embroidery, not having a clue what the end product will look like. Perhaps that is why crazy quilting is never boring to me. You collect such an assortment of fabrics and goodies and your muse has a hand in what they become unlike choosing patterns for quilts or cross stitch, you have no idea what you are about to create.I believe that is what attracts me and keeps my interest. I love a challenge, even if it just me against my muse.
Here are the finished pouches. I thought the dusty grape and teal pouch needed some vintage lace to top it off. I added a beaded trim along the bottom half.
Someone had asked where I bought the sheer sequined "Bee".It looks like a moth to me, but I like any embellishments that is. It is sold as a butterfly and it is from the treasure trove online shop, Flights of Fancy. They have the most beautiful stash which I treat myself to on occasion.
The neck pouch,cell phone pouch received a brushed antiqued brass clasp. I backed it in a patterned fabric with the same colors used on the front and it is lined with that fabric too. I found that in South Bend with Jilly. I don't use a lot of patterned fabric in my projects because I'd rather let the embellishments be the focus.
Another reader asked where I get my images. In the past I have purchased them from eBay in CD form and at Barnes and Noble in the Dover clip art section. The past year or two I have been purchasing digital download pages from etsy shops and websites. They are mainly copyright free which is what I prefer.I've invested quite a bit in my image collection so I use them freely, as they should be used and shared. I've seen many of my copyright free images in collections sold as copyright material with rules attached but I think people put them together and sell them in that form although they do not actually own the copyright. Just know who you are buying from and abide by the rules you agree to and you will be fine creating with the images. Most people are happy the images inspire others to create with them. Another source I like for vintage photos and postcards are antique shops. I buy old pieces and scan them then print on fabric and ta da!
Time for bed. I hope to visit some OWOH blogs tomorrow :-)


  1. You must have an awesome stash :). I can see why just browsing it must inspire you. I love the print fabric on the back of the cell phone pouch.

  2. Oh my... I recently started an altered fabric book and my sewing machine, in exile for over a decade, has been somewhat cooperative:) I now have a MUCH greater appreciation for your work - which I've always loved! I'm adding to my fabric/lace/trim collection and it's so much fun!
    Love both your amazing pieces!

  3. Hi Pat! Your pieces are stunning. I really love the neck/cell phone piece....the colors are just heavenly. Do you sell your work?


  4. I love to see your stitching results Pat. Very interesting to hear how you develop a piece.

  5. Oh my Pat! Just beautiful, as always! I agree with you completely. I never get bored with CQ or Art quilting because I never know exactly what I will end up with. I too have a huge stash that I've collected for years and I love it all. I love to play with it and rearrange it. It quiets my mind.

    Your work is always stunning dear one!


  6. Hi
    Your work is so pretty. Hope to get back at it.Laura

  7. So fun to see the finished creation! It is truly gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the information too. Stay Texas we are still in the teens and even got about 6" of snow overnight. Wild winter here for sure. ~ Angela

  8. I love the lavender colors in the first one....but oh, the autumn colors are gorgeous, too! I'm in OWOH again this year! Hope you'll visit me! I'm #389! Hugs! ♥

  9. Pat these are gorgeous. I love the stitching and my! Beautiful my friend!

  10. These pieces are just gorgeous! I have missed perusing your wonderful site. I see you now have a magazine of which I will definitely order.

    Jim is cancer free and very slowly recuperating. It has been a long haul, but he has been my priority. I am hoping to get back to creating soon.


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