Thursday, February 10, 2011

Early welcome.

I have released the first issue of Crazy Quilt Gatherings here.
This is the only place you can order it. I do not have copies, it is a print to order magazine. You order and they print and ship within two business days.

I hope you enjoy meeting the artists and projects in the premiere issue and I look forward to sharing many more with you. Feedback welcome.


  1. Pat, I have just been to magcloud and am so impressed with your first release! I will order it first thing tomorrow. It is beautiful and so professionally done! I will blog it this weekend as well. So excited for you! Keep up the good work. ~ Angela

  2. The preview looked fantastic!!! Got my copy ordered. Congratulations!!!!

  3. My copy is ordered and I can't wait for it to get here. I looks awsome!! Thank you for making it possible.
    Hugs, Pat

  4. Carol, Alberta, Canada12:45 AM CST

    The magazine is gorgeous and I can't wait for it to arrive in my mailbox. It looks just as nice as your book which I have had for a long time.
    Already I can see things that I have wanted to learn for some time like your ribbon dyeing. Congratulations and I will be waiting patiently for each issue.

  5. Hi Pat,
    Congratulations you have done it!!!
    The magazine is simply DIVINE in every way - the content, the featured articles, the tutorials, the photography, the backgrounds, the ads, in fact everything is so perfect! - the presentations on each page are just wonderful. Just so much planning has gone into this.
    Give yourself a big pat (no pun intended) on the back!

    I couldn't wait I just bought my first digital copy and it is awesome!
    Pat you truely deserve every accolade
    coming your way and I am so honoured to be featured in your premier issue.
    Please let me know if you would like any further contributions from me.

    Lets hope this is the beginning of more publications from you!
    Just think how much pleasure and inspiration you will bring to so many with this magazine!
    Big hugs, Suzy

  6. Hello Pat,
    I would like to congratulate you on your wonderful new magazine,
    And to say how happy I was that you had a digital version I of corse purchased my copy in lightning speed,
    Well what can I say it is just fabulous and a delight to the eyes,
    So full of wonderful & interesting information & projects,
    Well done!


  7. I couldn't wait! I ordered both digital and print. It's beyond inspirational! Well Done!!!

  8. I got it! I got it!! I am so excited. I got both the digital (because I couldn't wait) and the print version. I am old fashioned that way, I like to hold something in my hand!!! Yeah!! From the previews, it looks awesome!!!

  9. Hmmm... I just tried and got a site error message. I guess I'll have to try again later... bummer. I was so looking forward to seeing this issue!

  10. Hmmm. I'm getting the site error message too :(. I'll try again later.

  11. Simply beautiful Pat! What a labor of love! You really did a fantastic job with this issue. It is so colorful and packed with such goodies. I just ordered my digital copy and I'm thrilled. Koodles to you! You did it!!

  12. Anonymous8:24 AM CST

    Hi Pat...What a wonderful way to wake up this morning to see you have an early release of the premiere issue! Congratulations on a beautiful job. I can't wait to recieve my copy..I know the day it arrives I wont get much Well besides drooling and reading. I looked through the preview for the the magazine..thankyou for featuring my lace in The Gathering of Needful Things..what a sweet surprise!
    I wish you the best of luck on the future issues of CQ Gatherings..I know it will be a huge success as you are such a very big inspiration to so many of us.
    Blessings to you.. Shannon

  13. Anonymous10:51 AM CST

    Jan says-
    So much eye candy, can't wait to hold it. You are soooo talented in so many areas, Thanks for including me even tho" I was scared, I want to advertise and take advantage of everything offered.

  14. Absolutely can't wait til my copy arrives! Yeah Pat!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hi Pat,
    I'll be back with my credit card reallll soon.
    Creative hugs,

  16. CONGRATULATIONS! I can only imagine the many hours you dedicated to putting this beautiful magazine together. I am going to go crazy waiting for my copy to arrive but you can be sure of one thing - when it does, nothing else in my house will get done!

  17. Hi Pat, Just ordered a copy of your book. Your work is Fantastic!
    Do you have any suggestions for a beginner?

  18. Anonymous1:56 PM CST

    Hi Pat,
    I absolutely have absorbed my copy...well done, kudos to you! I love the articles and web sites...
    Great job.


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