Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Wow! Thank you!!

I stepped away from my laptop for a few moments to return to such positive notes on the new CQ mag. Thank you all so much for your excitement. You can imagine mine. The decision was like stepping though an open door, the next stage. My love for crazy quilting and playing with beautiful stash combined with my love for sharing whatever I can on the subject. Meant to be I guess. I'm nervous but with messages of encouragement like you have sent me eases my mind. Thanks again my friends!


  1. Oh Dear Pat - you know you have all the necessary skills to make this exciting new magazine a complete success and, by the way, just love the name "Crazy Quilt Gatherings" it is so perfect. And, whatsomore, there are many of us out there (me included) who will help in making it a success. There is obviously more interest in the idea than you could realize.
    I am one wishing you the very best with this venture.
    Your friend in the world of craziness, Suzy xox

  2. Wow! Skip a couple of days and I missed out on the exciting news! Good for you and good luck!

  3. I am sure that with the wonderful network that you have established
    thru all of your projects that there will be no lack of subject, artists, interest and advertizers!!! This is going to be such a wonderful endeavor for you and you are blessed with all of the skills to make it happen!!! I am saying prayers for your hubbie's poor back! I too, am ready for spring and the garden!! Hugs to your Mom!!!


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