Sunday, January 23, 2011

Staying warm in the midwest

Although I've been feeling a bit under the weather I have been getting a lot accomplished aside from making pots and pots of tea. I made a mini pouch for a tutorial for a beginners CQ group hosted by Mary Anne Richardson and Pam Kellogg.
If you are wanting to learn CQ, you may want to check out their blog for ideas and tips. You can find "Simply CQ" here.

Saturday I received a nice surprise in the mail. Angela from Filigree Moon send a beautiful purple and green necklace with antiqued chain...and lovely charms packaged in a sweet Pansy box. The vintage beach themed card made me long for Spring and my beach walks with mom......dreaming of sunshine,gentle waves, and serenading shorebirds..................
Thank you for this wonderful treat on this terribly cold Winter day.

The Bears just lost and now the Steelers are playing...I sure wish I could get excited about ball games but........hope your team wins!!!! Time to make another pot of tea.
Stay well!


  1. Your pouch is stunning!


  2. Hi Pat! Love the creation for the CQ tutorial. I will give these ladies' blog a visit. So sweet of you to blog the wee parcel. Stay warm and have a great week! ~ Angela

  3. Hi Pat I do hope you are starting to feel a bit better now. Resting and sewing is always an option.
    This little pouch is nothing short of gorgeous. The stitching and beadwork is really beautiful. Another piece of joy!
    x Suzy

  4. Pat, I love the pouch, especially the dangles at the bottom! Sweet treats from your friend....lovely to wear and fun to enjoy adding those charms to your creations.
    You must really be yearning for spring! We've had it bad up here in the north this winter, haven't we! And it's not even half over yet.
    And you've been I do hope you are feeling better. Chicken soup too, dear friend! And a nap!
    Hugs, Diane

  5. As always, stunningly beautiful!
    Keep warm!
    Sandie xx

  6. The bugs this year are nasty - I've got one too! Lovely pouch Pat. Stay warm and well hydrated.

  7. Pat,
    Thank you for including us in your post. We appreciate you sharing your knowledge with our readers. We consider you and your new magazine a treasure!
    Simply CQ

  8. Hiya Pat! Hope you are feeling better! Love the pouch! Stay warm and don't over do it! Hugs...

  9. Your pouch is lovely! I came over here for some CQ inspiration. I am just teaching myself to CQ and finished a small block last night! My embellishments are not as lovely but hopefully I will get there! Thank you for the link, and I hope you are feeling better. :-)

  10. Thanks so much sweetie! Your tutorial is up now. I hope everyone enjoys it!

    Feel better!!!

    Love & hugs,


  11. So very lovely Pat! What a nice way to endure this wacky midwest weather. They say MO will be hit again on Tuesday! I love to work on projects during snow days! Winter Blessings ~ Katie


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