Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spending a blissful afternoon with my sis-in-law

First I want to show you a little peeping Tom who checks in on us from time to time. I first saw him on Wednesday and took his pic. Then just before nightfall DH and I were sitting together in my big comfy chair watching TV and I looked out the window and saw big ears. It startled me at first then I realized it wasn't a person. Thank goodness! I told DH that was the deer that hangs around the front porch. We didn't move and watched him watching us for a few minutes before dashing off. I wonder what he was thinking?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of enjoying the company of my wonderful sister-in-law from California. Nicole is the mother of little Katie, my niece that loves to create and whom I would love to adopt or clone :-)
I haven't seen Nicole in 6 years and that is much too long. She is here for only a week to spend some time with our mother-in-law and with me when I can steal her away for little jaunts. We lucked out yesterday when my MIL had her bridge ladies over. I picked up Nicole and we went to lunch at an authentic Mexican restaurant in Valpo, El Salto. I had no idea we had one here in Chesterton, I will be taking DH there soon...yum!
We spent a few hours catching up as we received concerning glances from the waiters because we talked so much and barely ate. That's what doggie bags are for right? LOL. Anyway we headed to the antique mall in town and were lost in nostalgia, memories, and lives from long ago. I love antiquing, even when I don't find any treasures. Touching old items and imagining who they previously belonged to and how they must have loved them is a wonderful way to relax. Upstairs Nicole spotted a hideous yellow evening gown from the 70's and photographed it to send to Katie asking if she wants it for prom,LOL. I wished I would have thought to bring my camera.
Nicole found a pretty purple embroidered pair of pillowcases. I didn't know she liked such things and I happen to have a pair with purple embroidery for her. I will freshen them in lavender soap and press them today. I found this pressed paper drawer unit which will organize something in the studio. I may paint it cream or light green???? I about flipped when I saw the little rusty tricycle in a glass cabinet. It was only $1!!!!!!!! The cupie doll was already mine but I used it to show the small size of the tricycle. I may put a group of my small broken dolls in it. Then I found some pearly and mixed beads, always have an eye open for CQ stash.
When we returned to my MIL's home Nicole presented me with these sweet pink booties. I remember I had picked them up and commented on them however I had no idea Nicole had purchased them for me. Sneaky...she is. She doesn't know I have baby shoes all over the house.
I must find a proper place for them before her visit on Monday.

Yesterday mom had to have her Himalayan, Antoinette, put to sleep. It was taken in for an allergy shot but the Doctor discovered it had a tumor on one kidney and the other was gone. The poor thing was dying and mom thought it was her usual allergy. My brother agreed with the Dr. to euthanize her. Mom phoned just as I was leaving to pick up Nicole and I didn't get to talk to her much. I felt bad for not having the time to chat so I am heading over there in a bit.
My head cold is almost gone and I'm feeling much better, thank you for your kind concern.
Have a great day and get ready for tomorrow's start of the final One World, One Heart event!!!


  1. I love all your goodies - and the pink booties!! I love baby shoes also, have way too many right now and just picked up a few from the antique store that looks like they have been through several children. Sorry about your mom's cat, it is always so sad to lose a pet.

  2. Glad you are feeling better Pat. Love your prize purse.I put a little chain on it, and now it's hanging up with my other purse treasures.Poor puss...your Mom will be grieving..the loss of a treasured pet is a big loss.
    Glad you are loving the vivit of your sis-in-law and sweet niece.

  3. I just saw an idea somewhere for making wee bootees into pincushions - can't remember where I saw it though. So sorry about Antoinette - it's so hard to lose a pet. My sympathy to you Mom.

  4. The boots look like my grandaughter had. Sorry for your moms friend it is alway hard to lose someone. Sounds like a wonderful day you had . Laura

  5. Pat, It's so nice that you have deer in your yard from time to time. We used to but in recent years, the deer stopped coming due to all the construction on the other side of the lake. I used to love looking out my bedroom window and seeing deer standing in my backyard.

    I'm very sorry to hear about your mom's kitty. Please let her know that she's in my thoughts. I know how hard it is. I still miss my Garfield.

    Love & hugs!

  6. Oh I am so sorry about your Mom's cat.I certainly know how that feels.Please let her know I am thinking of her.
    Sending Love.....

  7. Hi Pat. So very sorry to hear of your mom's sweet cat. Wishing her peace indeed. And warmth to all in your area! So glad you got to spend time with your niece and that y'all share likes and interests. ~ Angela


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