Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sharing a vintage image

I posted this photo of my mom at age 20 on facebook for my brother in Hawaii . Since it is a "vintage" photo I thought I would share it with you to use in your work. Some day I will use it myself and add pearls around her neck and perhaps some silk ribbon roses in her hair. She certainly is a beauty...even 60 years later.

Mom three years ago...
Mom and me two years ago...
Mom last Spring


  1. Wow, Pat! Your Momma was beautiful at 20! Would love to see her now, too!

    Love to you~


  2. She IS a beauty, indeed! Bet she still is!

  3. Pat your mum's photo is just gorgeous at 20 - she has the most beautiful eyes! They tell you everything about the person within.
    She is a very beautiful woman. I have a similar one of my mum - definitely vintage also. That would be lovely to adorn her with pearls and wrap her in silk one day!

  4. Hi Pat. Mom you are so beautiful then and now. How fortunate for you Miss Pat that you and your mom look so much alike. You got great genes. I love this vintage photo.

  5. You and your mom...2 peas in a pod!
    Your mom beautiful now and beautiful then. Everyone should have such a beautiful picture of themselves.

  6. Everyone above said everything I was going to say !!!!

  7. What a Gorgeous Photo Pat! And well, you too, as always! Thank you so much for sharing! I miss my beautiful Mom so. Give your mom an extra HUG from me next time you see her. (Of course you don't have to tell her it's from me...LOL, Just hug her double!)

    Little giveaway over on my blog if you want to stop over! Happy New Year!


  8. What a beautiful picture and a beautiful lady. I've read so many stories that you've shared with us about your mom. I'm sure you already know how very lucky you are to have such a wonderful realtionship... she certainly is a treasure.

  9. She's a true beauty alright!

  10. Wow, what a beautiful picture - she's gorgeous. I love those glamour shots from earlier days. You share the same cheeks and eyes - lucky you! It's nice to see the beach picture; it seems like that's the place you often go with your Mom so it must be a special photograph.
    Thanks for sharing, Jillayne

  11. Hey Pat,
    this is a wonderful pic of your mom. Thank you for sharing. And yes, your mom is still a beauty.
    Greetings from Germany

  12. Hi Pat!
    I'm not sure why I didn't have you in my blog reader but I found you through all my friends who have been talking about your new magazine. I can't wait!!

    I also see your pics of you and your Mom and it makes me remember my own Mom who passed away two years ago. We lost her earlier than we would have liked. It's nice to see you both so close. There's nobody ever quite like your mother.

    Your blog and your work is beautiful. I'll be back...

  13. Oh I am thrilled to see a comment posted by my good friend Susan of Palys with Needles!!! I find it hard to belive taht you two have not crossed paths before- You tow are so very well matched in your personality and increible attention to detail!!! You will both love each other's work. THIS IS WHY I so love blogging!!
    Anyway- what did your dear mum think of her photo being shared??? She is stunningly beautiful , as are you!! Be sure to share THAT with her!! big Hugs to you both!!!!

  14. Great Post, Pat.

    It shows your wonderful relationship with your mother.

    Really nice post.

    Hugs in friendship,

  15. What a beautiful portrait.


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