Saturday, January 15, 2011

Roses from mom

There is nothing like receiving roses in Winter.
Yesterday I took mom shopping after my errands and somehow she made it all the way home without me even knowing that she had bought me a beautiful bouquet of the prettiest roses. I'm not known for being observant,LOL. I told her I'm lucky if I make it home with her. My thoughts are everywhere these days. Aren't these just gorgeous?They are the largest ones I've ever seen. A single rose takes up the palm of your hand. I can't wait until they open, it will be a sight. The coloring is stunning, delicate yet bright pink with cream and chartreuse base. I wish I could stitch them onto a project,LOL.

DH came home sick yesterday and it happens that I was making homemade chicken noodles. He is off Monday so hopefully he will feel better by then. He runs around like I do trying to accomplish way too much in a day. We both need a vacation.

The sun came out for a bit today and the temp isn't too bad at all. I might take a little walk and then I must continue stitching.
I hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  1. Fab roses! Your Mom does love you!
    Sorry to hear DH is sick but, like you said, you both need a vacation!

    Have a great day tomorrow!
    Sandie xx

  2. I love getting flowers of any kind! I have 3 dried roses from a bouquet my daughter got me several years ago. Hmmmm...maybe I'll get someone flowers and make their day!

  3. How very sweet and thoughtful of your mom to buy you roses. They are exquisite. Hopefully DH will rest and feel better very soon. Chicken soup with noodles will help. Restful weekend to all...

  4. What a sweet Mom you have, there beautiful. Do let us see them once they open won't you? I do believe you both have your plates full. Fuji is beautiful this time of year.

  5. I just adore roses...and those are surely stunning! I bet they smell wonderful too!

  6. Hi Pat! Happy New Year! What beautiful roses!!! Marva

  7. Beautiful roses, hope your DH is feeling better, and you are enjoying the long weekend!

  8. Hi Pat,
    What a beautiful surprise.
    A rose for a rose!!
    Have a great day

  9. Hi, Pat, You have the best mom. What beautiful roses. I always love it when you and her go to the beach, so special. Diane

  10. Your mom is so sweet. Yes they are gorgeous roses! Have a great day!


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