Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Fun surprises and exciting news coming very soon

I hope your new year started out right for everyone. Mine is continually busy with having to take over the landlady-ship for a while. I did sit down last night to enjoy a yummy cup of tea from my wonderful friend Sharon. Thank you for the cute card and tea treat Sharon, it hit the spot!
Good news, My mother in law will be returning home next week and mom is doing well and anticipating the arrival of Spring...early but something to look forward to.
My day started off seeing DH off to work after a long vacation (since Thanksgiving). Yesterday he tried the upper cervical epidural for his back pain and I sure hope it works. Have any of you had this procedure? Did it work? If so , how long did it last?
It was kind of sad to have him leave the house because I was getting used to waking up and leisurely making breakfast and such :-(

As soon as he left I started removing ornaments from the Christmas tree. I wrapped them and put them safely in their safe place , took down the tree, packaged the lights and finally labeled them which I swore to do each year, vacuumed, dusted, moved around the dining room furniture, made pulled pork, answered the phone a million times and now updating my blog before DH gets home. Whew! This afternoon I will be putting away the outside decorations so I can start thinking about Spring, flowers, grass, and all the things that keep me motivated.

I wanted to share a surprise from my dear friend Judith from AU. This package arrived packed with fun things..ornament kits, beautiful sheer green doily,one of her handmade fairy dolls,pretty card,gorgeous
dyed lace....
adorable fairy scissors......and a sweet ornament for my mom.....How thoughtful ! Thank you for the wonderful surprise Judy. I enjoyed the delightful content thoroughly! Mom loves her little ornie. Thank you from her as well, it really brightened her day.

As I had mentioned a few posts ago, I have some exciting news to share with crazy quilters. I hate to keep you in suspense but I wanted to have all my ducks in a row first so I will share my secret very, very soon.
Have a great day and if you have sunshine, enjoy it!


  1. Hope your DH has pain relief from the injection.
    Glad you liked the gifts Pat.LOVE that car!!!It's so nice to drive a comfortable and reliable car!!Swanky too!!
    looking forward to hearing your exciting news.

  2. It sounds like your year is off to a wonderful start other than your husband's pain. Those are some wonderful gifts you have received! You have my curiosity in high gear wondering what awaits! I guess I will keep watching. I hope the rest of the year is good for you and your family. Connie

  3. Oh no - so sorry to hear your husband is in pain. I remember your posts of the doctor and hospital visits with him - and you passed some of the time making those wonderful birds nests necklaces.

    I hope that he is soon better.

    Looks like you are off to an exciting year - lets hope it is a really good one for you family health wise.

  4. One of the nicest things about retirement is that special time over coffee in the morning with DH...He's involved in a lot of things and mostly gone during the day and it just starts my day right if we have that special time together.... Hope his back pain gets better... Gerry K.

  5. Can't wait to learn about your surprise. Your work is lovely.

  6. Just stopping by to say hi, Pat!
    Hugs to you!

  7. Wow you've been busy! Hope your husband feels better soon.. and I can't wait to learn more about your surprise!! Wendy

  8. I can hardly wait to see what this surprise is....

  9. Hi Friend, So glad your mom and m-i-l are doing well. That will ease your mind I am sure. Hope DH gets some relief as back pain can be so debilitating. Glad you enjoyed the tea. Take care and can't wait to hear your news....?! HUGS, Sharon


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