Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finishing projects and starting more

Over the weekend I pretty much stayed in because DH was sick and the good wife that I am, (stop laughing) I wanted to tend to him because I know how miserable colds can be. My last cold wiped me out remember? Anyway I did get a quick visit in with mom and lots of stitching. I finished a project for the magazine and even made a big old fashioned chicken dinner for the guys. Then I spent the rest of my time on the computer editing.....into the wee hours of the morning only to find myself feeling like this little girl this morning .....
My head is foggy, my throat is sore and I am lethargic. I'm hoping it is because of lack of sleep and not from catching the "bug". I've dosed myself with every vitamin possible and am about to make some Echinacea tea. This is one of my favorite teas. It has a mild herbal flavor with a mint note. I could drink pots of it but I save it for only for medicinal purposes. Oh dear! I just sneezed!!!! I will be cuddling with angell today on the couch and continue life as I know it tomorrow....if you don't hear from me...send in the troops with sunshine please.............
Stay well and enjoy your day.


  1. Anonymous8:41 AM CST

    Goodmorning Pat....Oh my..I sure hope you are not ~catching the bug~ you see this seems to be a husband thing? My husdband had a nice cold right after New Years..I swore I would not catch this one.. taking my vitamins and taking extra echinecea which has always worked like a charm! Low and behold 3 days later..I got it!It took almost 2 weeks to nip this one.. Whatever has been going around is a bad one and I so hope you dont get it dear friend..I know you have so much work to do! Get plenty of rest and I hope you feel better.
    Warm Regards, Shannon

  2. Ahhhh ~ now that sound's like a day!Feel better !!!!!

  3. Take care dear lady ... take that vitimin C and lots of fluids. Rest with your buddy. Blessings

  4. Hope you are better with no cold. Laura

  5. Sure hope you miss the bug, and feel better after a good night's sleep. Sweet dreams.


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