Friday, January 14, 2011

Finished painting and ramblings

Yeah!!!! I spent 8 1/2 hours painting and cleaning a duplex yesterday. I wasn't going to leave until I was finished. DH stopped by after work to tell me to take a break but I was determined to finish and I did. Whew! I stopped at my fav pizza joint on the way home because I knew once I sat down I wouldn't be getting up to cook. I've been painting these places for 27 years now and this aging body is just getting tired of bending, squatting and stretching for hours at a time. I always look at it as exercise, something least I tell myself that. I almost lost my Nano in the paint bucket when I bent over....Yikes! Gotta have my music. Speaking of which, I took a little Winter walk and the song from Edward Scissorhands, "Ice Dance" was playing. I found myself in another world. It was so peaceful, everything was covered in pure white snow and tiny glistening snowflakes were falling like diamond dust all around me. It was a magical moment and I stopped to close my eyes and felt like I did when I was 9 years old standing in the yard catching snowflakes on my tongue. Then a car zoomed by and I was back in reality. Thank goodness we have memories to take us back to simple yet magnificent moments.

Again, speaking of magnificent moments, Reen finished her butterfly project and you must take a peek on her blog. Take a deep breath and go......

Gorgeous right? Great job Reen, it is beautiful. Reen's butterfly will be featured in the March issue of Crazy Quilt Gatherings. When it is ready for publishing I will post a link to MagCloud.

I've been sitting here all morning and now that it is daylight I must get ready to meet a new tenant and hand over the keys. One down, one to go!
Have a great day and catch a snowflake on your tongue if only in your mind.


  1. I took a deep breath and went to Maureen's.....oh my!.....what a beauty. The body of that butterfly makes me want to get out my magnifying glass to study it. A real work of art. I will look forward to reading more about Maureen and her work in your magazine.

  2. Of course all that work is exercise and you are probably saving a fortune by not hiring a "personal trainer." You earned a sit down and rest dinner... Gerry K.

  3. Life is nothing if we don't stop for those magic moments.

  4. Reen's butterfly turned out beautiful! Can't wait to see your magazine!

  5. I pulled a "Pat" over the last couple days and have to say "Girl, I don't know how you do all you do!" LOL!

    The work was finally finished on my sewing room and it was time for me to get in there and paint... the painting is finally done - WEW! I woke up this morning feeling like a mack truck hit me - too much work in such a short period of time.... I should have hired you! I'm blogging about my adventures in getting my room together if you have any tips.


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