Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quiet day dyeing

DH was busy running errands today and DS was at work so I selected a few dyes and silk ribbons and got busy dyeing...forgetting to wear gloves I now have ugly purplish black fingernails. Can't wait for the doctor to inquire about them tomorrow :-)

I didn't dye very much, perhaps 50 or 75 yards. I always run out of purple and greens.....don't know why ;-0 Here are a few that I've ironed already.
This big jar of silk ribbons need to be ironed,organized and filtered out. I had better get busy....I hope to be finished before 2011! Oh my!


  1. Oh! Just look at all that yummy ribbon! It looks like a jar of gummy worms!

  2. Hi Pat, I was thinking of you and your ribbons last night as I stitched on a project. I was using some green ribbon that I won from you in a contest sometime during the year. It was just mahhhhvelous! And along with it I was using Treenway silks, which were nowhere NEAR as nice as yours. Just wanted you to know. If you ever sell ribbons, COUNT ME IN!!! Have a wonderful New Year’s!! Hugs, Cathy

  3. Those purples and greens look yummy. I am wondering what I am going to make. I'm thinking some kind of small purse. Wish I had that jar of ribbons to iron for me.
    Hugs, Pat

  4. Oh jOy!!! Will they be listed anywhere? Just wondering, as I am all too eager to get back to creating and blogging again real soon, and your ribbon creations are so inspiring. p.s. ~ Fun fingers for physician curiosity! ~ Angela

  5. I am always amazed at how much work and love you put into the hand dyed ribbons. I could not imagine ironing all that. Such lovely colours and the jelly beans too.

  6. Oh my! Yucky fingernails! Like polishing silver without gloves too. But what results! The ribbons looks beautiful. I love how you have it all stuffed into the big jar. I see jelly beans?
    Hugs, Diane

  7. Any advice for those of us interested in dying our own ribbon?

    Trisha Evans

  8. Look at all those colours! Beautiful....

  9. I KNOW why youy run short on purples aqnd greens!! Theyw ork so beautifully together especailly in your wonderful work!!
    iam doing some dyeing today- some vintage linens for a big upcoming project!!! sEND SOME GOOD DYE VIBES MY WAY!!!!!
    Happy New Year and thanks for sending me to bed- I did go for as long as I could stand it- about 6 hours, but it helped!! I can't let a silly cold get in my way, too much!!!!!

  10. Hi Pat,
    I was smiling as I read about your nails... Me too sometimes! I think we get so enthused we forget the gloves..
    Your ribbon is so lovely... I am using some myself right now...YEP!! still trying to do crazy patch!
    HappyNew Year
    PS.. it is raining here! snow is going way! yeah!

  11. Your hand-dyed ribbon is wonderful, Pat! Have you ever thought of dyeing yarn? (Like you need another hobby, right?) Have a wonderful New Year!

  12. Hi Pat. You are certainly being super productive as you close out 2010. Happy Healthy Creative and Blessed year to you...

  13. Oh, your dyed ribbons make my fingers itch to stitch! Gorgeous! I need to dye some too. Running low on my favorite color, PINK!


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