Sunday, December 19, 2010

One World One Heart last event

Lisa is hosting the 5th and last One World One Heart (OWOH) event which allows bloggers to visit and meet other bloggers worldwide and each offers "door prizes" to share. It begins Jan 30th and ends on Feb 17th. Won't you join me? Read all about it here and get your door prizes ready. There are a few rules which are much needed to keep this event fun for all and please remember this is worldwide and if an international blogger wins, you must send the prize to them, so if you don't want to pay for International shipping, DO NOT ENTER. Thanks, just trying to help Lisa enforce guidelines.
I agree with Lisa that the 5th year is a proper place to conclude this event. I can imagine the time and numerous emails she has spent on previous events and although she has always been a gracious hostess without complaint, five years is a long time for such an event with almost 1000 participants. Thank you Lisa for all your hard work and for organizing such an enjoyable activity. I have enjoyed it and am looking forward to meeting new bloggers in this final "party". Now I must be off to create my door prizes............................


  1. I am excited this year! I've taken part in years past and it's ALWAYS the MOST FUN! Love to create something special for the event...can't wait to see what you will have! Something to look forward to! Enjoy your day! ♥

  2. Thanks for posting about this.... I do believe I will join in also.... Gerry K.

  3. I had the most wonderful time last year and will be joining again! Thanks for the update!!


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