Monday, December 06, 2010

New coin purse

I decided to play with my new fabric from India today so I gathered a few pieces and made this coin purse.
It would have been a neck purse but I used the wrong clasp ,(without a chain attachment) so it is a coin purse or cell case. It has a 3 1/2" opening so all phones should slide right in. It was 12 degrees this morning and warmed up to 19 degrees...break out the sunscreen! Back to stitching..............hope you're keeping warm!


  1. Lovely purse.
    Must have been bliss working with all those gorgeous fabrics.

  2. What wonderful rich fabrics and only you can embroider so imaginably.

    - 4 degrees here - getting warmer!

  3. Hello Pat,

    wow your purse you made is beautiful, the detailing is amazing, love the colourway of the fabric from India and all the pieces used to create this amazing purse....congrates to Judy on winning this wonderful creation.

    Thank you so much for poping over, and your wonderful kind words you left, yes I hate ironing my linen's and yes maybe alittle lazy I guess, but I just love the way they fall on the table, kind of formal but informal and not mention cosy and inviting.


  4. The colors and artistry are wonderful.


  5. Since I am reading this from my Google Reader and I have seen what becomes of this little treasure just let me say. It is beautiful and Judy will certainly love it!

  6. Just beautiful Pat. Your work always is

  7. Hi Pat, this is really gorgeous.

  8. Pat, thank you for your kind words about my talent, just really love it does, and really learned how to be alone, with the help of several books, the rest is my imagination, and so on ...., I'm glad for every praise but also criticism, because thanks to criticism, a man I can learn more and more.
    Patricia, I am proud, happy that can sometimes take a look at my blog, is a great honor for me! I often drop into your blog, I feel so great, and at the same time I see your great talent, and I like your art.
    hot regards, Wanda


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