Thursday, December 16, 2010

Laura Q

For the felted brooches I used a felt backing piece then I placed the image in the center and felted it down with wool roving, around all edges. Next I layered some lace or cheesecloth and felted that with wool roving. Then I embellished with silk ribbon embroidered Fargo roses, some petite beads, and sequins. Sew on any lace before adding back felt piece. I trimmed around the edge, added a pin back to a felt backing piece and sewed around the edges to cover back of felting. Hope this makes sense Laura.


  1. Hey Laura,
    Thanks for asking and Pat thanks for answering. We all learned something here!

  2. Thank you Pat I will be making some for some pillows. Your work is so very pretty. After the holiday I plan to do some more crazy quilts.


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